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  1. UTJL

    Finding elk rutting areas?

    I’m starting my summer scouting in a couple weeks. I’ve heard/read various people, articles, podcasts state elk will often use the same rutting areas year after year. The suggestions were to look for large benches, flat meadows or mesas. This is a start but doesn’t help identify which specific...
  2. UTJL

    Water storage when Truck Camping

    My truck camping water storage bags sprung a leak this weekend. I’m thinking about getting a hard sided container for the added durability. Anyone have a recommendation for what they use? So far I’ve found the common aqua-tainer jugs, but reviews talk about the faucet leaking.
  3. UTJL

    Feeding Areas in Drier Mountains

    I’m escouting a unit in one of the drier states and I’m struggling to find feeding areas. The unit is mostly 8,000 to 11,000 ft, and is fairly open but has timbered slopes and aspen patches. From online photos of the area I can see there are some grassy meadows. However when I look on Google...
  4. UTJL

    New Nemo Tensor Ultralight Durability

    Has anyone had any durability issues with the Nemo Insulated Tensor Ultralight pads? I searched the forum but didn’t find anything. I’m trying to decide between it and the Thermarest NeoAir Xlite. Some of the reviews for the Tensor say it’s not very durable.
  5. UTJL

    Knife sharpener in your kill kit?

    Everyone who carries non-replaceable blade knives what sharpener do you carry in your backpack? I’m looking for something lighter weight mostly for touchups while butchering elk and deer?
  6. UTJL

    Colorado Unit 10

    My dad cashed in his points and drew a Unit 10 3rd season tag. He scouted the unit some last November and we’ll be doing more this summer and fall. But if anyone is willing to have a private chat and share their experience I’d be grateful. If you respond here I’ll send you a PM!
  7. UTJL

    Mule Deer Biology Book?

    I’m taking my wife on her first hunt this year (muley doe) and my father pulled his muley buck dream tag. This will be my first time hunting mule deer. So I’ve been reading some of the classic mule deer books to get ready (Robby’s book, Eastman’s, Open Country Mule Deer). Also Ive been...
  8. UTJL

    Sportsman’s Warehouse Code

    Does anyone have a code for Sportsman’s Warehouse they wouldn’t mind letting me use? My waders have fallen apart after 5 years.
  9. UTJL

    Athlon Cronus G2 15x56 opinions?

    Does anyone own or handled a pair of Cronus G2 15x56 binoculars? I’m looking to invest in a pair of high power binoculars and have a budget of $1000. The Cronus would enable me to also buy a quality tripod and stay below budget.
  10. UTJL

    Spotting Scope Magnification Recommendation

    I’m new to western hunting and need some expert advice. I currently have a pair of 8x42 binos and am looking to get a spotter. I mostly hunt elk and muleys, and am not as concerned about trophy size. I don’t need to be able to tell the difference between a 300 and 330 bull at several miles, at...
  11. UTJL

    New guy from Utah

    Hi everyone, I’ve been reading a lot of threads here so thought I’d set up an account. I live in Utah now but grew up in North Carolina hunting whitetails. I’ve killed a few elk on guided hunts but just started DIY hunting last year. Didn’t get an elk but got close. I have an elk hunt and mule...