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    WTS Kifaru Tac Warrior

    TAC WARRIOR Camo bag 1x 26" stays/frame 1x Small belt $470 (US) PayPal Shipped OBO!! All in great condition
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    WTS Kifaru Mountain/Tac Warrior and Frame

    I am selling my mountain/tac warrior and duplex frame with small belt and 26" stays. Looked pack over and it is in great condition. Same with belt and frame. 500 OBO to your door. Buyer pays additional 3% PayPal fee if they don't want to use family and friends. The Mountain Warrior is quite...
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    WTS Delorme InReach SE

    Selling for $200. Paypal payment. Good condition and works great. Only used it a handful of times. You can communicate on the device, sync to your phone to communicate, or use GPS on phone/map. Really a great emergency tool to use for SOS but I mainly used it to let my family and wife know I was...
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    Kuiu belt pouches = $1

    They have the icon pro hip belt pouch on sale in their outlet for $1 each which is 90 percent off. Discount Hunting Gear - Hunting Sale | KUIU Outlet
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    Modern Deer and Bow elk FNG From Washington

    New guy and former lurker from Washington. My whole up bringing since I was months old has been around trailer camping with my dad and all his brothers while hunting black tail deer modern rifle until about 4 years ago when we switched it up. That was the first time I tried hunting eastern...