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    Need a Barrel Threaded near Denver

    I took my Tikka 338 win mag to Richard Riley at High Tech Customs in Colorado Springs. Very happy with the results. I want to say it was $120 for the brake and the labor. If you’re in the Westminster area you’re welcome to PM me and take a look at the brake. B.
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    WTB 1-6 or 1-8 for 3 gun

    Check out swampfox tactical. They are based out of Aurora Colorado. New company but their products are pretty dang good, like . Check them out online. B.
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    WTT Marlin Guide Gun 45-70

    Cash price?
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    Arizona Coues, Quail & Javelina - Winter Fun

    Great series Randy. Your channel is one of the best out there. Keep having fun!
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    The Left Hand Mountain Rifle Struggle...

    You’d be hard pressed to do better than the Tikka. I have two at the moment, 6.5 creedmoor stainless SL and a 338 Win mag (lite) with a CTR stock and a muzzle brake. Both are great guns, easy to carry and shoot lights out. Looking into a McMillian game scout stock for the 338 currently. If you...
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    WTS WTS Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    Price for frame?
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    Welcome Rugged Stitching, Rokslide Sponsor

    Hey guys. Just wanted to drop a note here. Pods is a stand up guy. Back early fall I requested a load sling in blaze orange. He stated the material he had in orange wasn’t of quality (heavy enough) to make a sling. I said go ahead anyway and went out and purchased the proper material. I had the...