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    Wide angle eyepiece for vanguard spotter

    I really enjoy using a fixed power wide angle eyepiece for glassing with a spotter. Something like a 30x. Vanguard doesn’t make one for their endeavour HD. Does anyone know if there are other wide angle eyepieces that would be compatible?
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    Kifaru native on molle frame?

    I’ve got a molle frame and was thinking of using it with a day pack as sort of a compression panel of sorts. The native seems like it would work well, maybe paired with a guide lid. In theory it sounds like it would work well, wondering if anyone has done so? Or other packs to consider? I’ve got...
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    Low power variable scopes

    Looking for a scope for my new to me 336 in 35remington. Not sure what I want. I like the Leopold vx3 1.5-5, or maybe the freedom in 1.5-4. Not sure on the freedom lines quality though. Don’t now to much about other brands. I would like a 1x on he low end up to about 6. And I don’t want a...
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    50mm spotting scope options

    Looking at picking up a scope in the near future. Main use would be at the range, anywhere from 50-300metres, and hiking,scouting, and hunting deer and bears. Price is definitely an issue, Canadian roller sucks. Have been looking into the Minox md50 and the hawke endurance. Anyone have any...