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    223 reloading

    Bulk 55s from Hornady (Midway sells same bullet as Dogtowns) and Ramshot TAC. Used in ARs and bolts. Great coyote load too.
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    Tikka CTR vs Superlite (Practice/Volume Gun & Hunting Rifle)

    I have the T3 lite 6.5 Creedmoor. Very accurate and I can shoot it quite a bit without the recoil bothering me. It’s way less than my similar weight Rem. 270. With Talleys and Burris 2-10 Veracity in weighs in at 8.5#. I’ve heard the Limbsaver recoil pads help a bunch as well.
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    Anybody tried the Barnes 7mm LRX 168 in a Tikka

    Thanks guys, good info.
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    Anybody tried the Barnes 7mm LRX 168 in a Tikka

    I’m still trying to figure what rifle I want. The above combo would check a lot of boxes for me, but Barnes recommends a 8” twist. My overall goal is to kill bears out to 700.
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    Looking for personal experience with the Tikka 300 WM

    I’m looking real hard at a Tikka 300 Win. I’ve done lots of searches and keep reading about the short mag length and slow twist. I’ve read that it will stabilize the Nosler AB 200 and the Barnes 175 LRX. These are really the only two bullets I’m interested in. For shots to 600 yards coupled with...
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    Primos coyote vest

    Only wore it a couple of times, size large. $55 shipped
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    Eberlestock X1

    It's in good condition, has some blood stains on the inside. I'm the second owner. $150 shipped.
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    WTB: Kuiu 3200 Icon Pro bag only

    Like the title says looking for only the bag. Pattern doesn't matter.
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    Winchester Extreme Weather 300 WM with brake

    Great shooting rifle in good shape. 26" barrel + brake. Weights 7.5lbs naked. Approximately 150 rnds down the tube. Scope is a Burris Veracity 2-10x42. FFP reticle, 30mm tube capped low profile elevation and windage turrets $1400 rifle & scope $900 rifle & rings Would consider trades for a...
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    First hunt in the books

    Spent the weekend in the Idaho wilderness looking for bear, but didn't find any. Lots and lots of tics though. At least 30/day. Saw a 15 elk including 5 bulls. Went in a mile the first night to set up camp. Arrived about 3 and watched the hill side until it started raining about 7, crawled...
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    What Tarp stakes and hammer?

    I received a 10 x 10 tarp to use as a day time shelter between showers and as a sun shade. What are some good light weight but durable options for stakes and a hammer?
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    Rear bag, what are you using?

    I'm in need of a rear bag for hunting, shooting prone off of a bipod. Weight is definitely a concern. I've seen different models from $12-$220, and weights from 7oz-4#.
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    Kings outdoor soft shell jacket XL

    This has been hanging in my closet for years. Excellent shape. It says Wind Defector and I can vouch for its wind resistance. $60 shipped
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    looking for a medium weight jacket.

    Something to replace a zip up sweatshirt/fleece jacket. It would be an outerwear in temps from 30-50, then possibly a layering garment for colder temps. Wind resistant would be nice too. Needs to have a full zipper, and a hood.
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    Broke the .204 in

    I've been out several times this year, but have failed to bag a coyote other than the one I shot while deer hunting. I missed 2 a couple weeks ago due to not sighting in my rifle after stripping it done to pilot after hunting in the snow/rain. Will never make that mistake again. After couple of...
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    Am I crazy for wanting to move up from a 7RM to a 300WM?

    I did quite of bear hunting this spring with a 270Win. Decided it was a little light for long range (700) bear hunting and sold it. I still have a Vanguard 7mm that weighs 9# all up. Is there any valid reason to also sell this and buy a 300 that will end up weighing about 8# all up? This will...
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    Long time quest finially fulfilled.

    This spring I finally killed my first bear. I've had a bad case of bear fever for a long time. Ive had several opportunities in the last several years. Some were too small, and I've missed. This year I hunted Idaho with a guy I've know for several years here in town. He has a lot of experience...
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    F'ing NG from E. WA

    I drew a rifle tag for any bull in the Blues this year. Looking to upgrade some gear since I plan on spending the whole season in the mountains this year.