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    WTS Slik SVH 501

    Selling a like new Slik SVH501 tripod head with plate. Will ship in factory box. Took it out once and set it up on a tripod head. $95 TYD
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    Sold Like New Maven B5 15x56

    Selling a like new pair of Maven B5 15x56's with Outdoorsman's stud already installed. Glass is flawless. Comes with original packaging, paperwork, lens covers, etc and cap where stud goes. I preferred these over the Zeiss Conquest HD's 15x56. $1100
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    Tripod head handle shortening

    What has everybody done to shorten their tripod head handles on their video or fluid heads? I have both a Sirui VA5 and a Slik SVH501 that I'm wanting to shorten as they both come too long for my liking.
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    Sold Vortex Pro Window Mount

    Selling a new vortex pro window mount. Took it out of the box, played with it, then finally found my other window mount. Comes with everything like new. $85 tyd
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    WTS Oakley Radar Path Infinite Hero Edition

    Selling a never worn special edition pair of Oakley Radar Path Infinite Hero sunglasses. Bought them and made several moves and could not find them. Recently turned them up and don’t have a reason to keep at this point. They have never been worn, lenses and frames are like new. Comes with case...
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    Sold Klymit Sleeping Pads

    Selling a Klymit Static V insulated and Static V noninsulated along with an X pillow. The I insulated pad has been used maybe 3 times and the non insulated has been used for about 7 nights. No leaks or issues. Will sell both for $90 TYD or $60 for insulated $40 for noninsulated and first one to...
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    Sold Stone Glacier Bino Harness

    SG Bino harness in excellent shape with brand new bear spray holster. No rips, stains, etc. $120 TYD
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    CO S33 Ewe Tag

    I just found out I got a EWE tag in S33 on a turn back 9/26 - 10/06. I'd love to hear about anybody's feedback on the units. I'm a nonres who will be coming from WA. The country looks absolutely steep and epic.
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    Sold New LHTightspot Pivot 2.5 Quiver

    Selling a brand new left hand TightSpot pivot 2.5 quiver. Unfortunately the company I bought it from didn’t mention it was not going to fit my prime. Never had arrows in it and never mounted on my bow. Comes with all mounting hardware. $140 TYD.
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    Sold Scarpa Zodiac Plus Size 10

    Selling a pair of Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Size 10's. Wore for one hike and think they are a size too small. Will post pictures later but shoes are in like new condition, treads on bottom of boots look brand new. $140 TYD
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    WTS Tru Ball fang 3 finger release & Scott Mongoose XT

    Selling a fang 3 finger release in great shape. I don’t have any extra springs or anything. $80 TYD Also selling a Scott Mongoose XT release in good shape. $35 TYD
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    Did Outdoorsman’s change their tripod adapter?

    Okay this is an odd question but does anybody know if Outdoorsman’s changed the function of their tripod adapter? The reason I ask is because I have used ones belonging to other people and the bino stud clicks into the adapter then then you can tighten the knob and secure them a little more. The...
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    New Binos from Leica

    Looks like Leica is releasing something new in the first week of January…. More rangefinding binos? Another competitor for the NL Pures? It’s a good time to be an optics snob!
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    2021 Coues pics

    Let’s see those 2021 Coues Whitetail pictures!
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    Sold Marsupial Large Rangefinder Pouch

    Selling a brand new large rangefinder pouch in foliage green. Never used it. $35 TYD
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    WTB 300 win mag 180gr SST

    Looking to buy Hornady Superformance 180gr SST if anybody has anybody they would be willing to part with. I’ve been looking for a few months now with no luck. Any help is appreciated!
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    Sold LH Prime Alloy

    Selling a left hand Prime Alloy. I am the original owner and just got the bow back from getting new strings put on. 50-60 pound limbs. 28.5" Draw length. All black and will include Ripcord Ace rest. Add a sight and this is ready to go. It has not been shot with the new strings. I will include...
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    Sold LH Ripcord Ace

    Selling a left hand ripcord max in excellent condition. It has a brand new launcher on it. $70 TYD
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    Sold Large Marsupial Gear Enclosed Harness

    Selling a large marsupial gear enclosed bino harness in foliage green. Brand new, never been used and included buckle deletes and straps l. $120 TYD
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    Sold Carter Too Simple

    Carter Too Simple 4 Finger in great shape. I’m going to stick to my Spot Hogg wrist strap, I just prefer it more. $150 TYD