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    WTS Northern California. EZGreen bow press.

    It’s been used 3x. I never bought the Hoyt adapters when I bought my Hoyt bow. Dust and cobwebs are free. I have the regular fingers and some shortys I needed for Mathews bows. I’ll never use it. Works perfectly. Been hanging in my garage for years. Time to go. I won’t ship it. It’s super heavy...
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    my PCP airgun is out for turkey season.

    gah..I developed a leak. easily fixed (I think). I had to clean some O-rings and lube them up and reassemble. I have NEW O-rings at the ready if my fix didn't work. here is what I didn't think about. I use a high pressure floor pump to fill the gun. well, I;m now screwed. there is no way...
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    Those slim RFID shielded wallets ?

    I kinda want one. The sea of choices; daunting. anything you like or dislike? i‘m a card user, but I still carry cash when I eat/drink with coworkers. Cash keeps me from getting hosed. “Let‘s just split this three ways”. Yea, right. I kinda like the Grip6, but that implies I need to...
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    how fast/slow are you at the ATM?

    haha..i just needed a few bucks to buy in on our office MEGA lotto pool. the three people in front of me were apparently refinancing their homes or something... hahhaha.. it took forever!! i hit my PIN, fast cash, receipt or anything. 15 seconds.
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    lost fishing rod.

    there is a thread about the most expensive gear you've lost while hunting. i have good habits while hunting. i do an eyeball grid search, every time i get up to move. it's a great habit. fishing, i am a mess. i kayak fish, so i am cramped for space. grabbing my paddle, i punted my good...
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    Kayak fishing.

    my wife is totally cool. i dont know what is more addicting: trying to get better at fishing? or actually CATCHING fish. but my wife is pretty cool letting me fish as much as i do. i am damn near gone 2 days a week..chasing Largemouth Bass. i am surrounded by awesome fisheries. ClearLake...
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    Google Earth. what a useful tool!!

    i spend a lot of time on GE. its fantastic. i find out where mystery hiking trails end. hopefully they end in big pastures of dumb elk, but no. that rarely happens. but i have found watering holes and shortcuts. fishing? wow. i have searched and searched the CA Delta on Google Earth...
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    I’m actually thinking about buying a cargo van.

    It makes sense. I am an avid kayak fisherman. I can sleep at lakes and park Wake up And fish. Mountain biking. Bike is inside with me. Sleep and ride. Hunting...ahhh you get the drift. I won’t even mention the Home Depot run... pretty economical actually. A new van is $35k. Get the ford...
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    You kayak fishermen. Landing net?

    I almost tipped my boat yesterday reaching way out there for a bass. Seconds before that I struggled to even reach the net since I kept it at the nose of the boat. I bought a cheap short handled net. One used by river trout fisherpeople. I needed a longer handle. I like my net. It’s rubber...
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    So I buy this kayak - now I’m trying to catch largemouth bass.

    Who knew it would be so much fun? I started solo fishing when the virus locked us down. It’s a strenuous hike to get to a small park lake. Well, at least the shortcut is strenuous. I just packed in some plastic baits and an UL spinning rod setup. It was game on! Nothing bigger than 2lbs...
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    Can you all recommend a fishing face mask for sun protection?

    Not for Covid. I’ve been fishing a lot. I wear a BUFFS face mask but it’s okay. Any fishing dedicated ones? My dermatologist admonished me big time. I need to take her seriously. any recommendations? The waters are so muddy now? With everyone buying face covers.
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    soft-side ice chest.

    lets say i have been catch and release fishing. but if i wanted to take ONE home to cook (largemouth bass), i would need to figure out cold storage for the 45 minute hot summer hike out. any suggestions? my wife doenst like eating fish enough to green-light a soft YETI. what about the...
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    Mystery Ranch is making facemasks.

    i cant sew to save my life. my skills end at reattaching buttons. this caught my eye. i wish i could get one in Foliage :D
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    Shooting invasive Iguanas with a pellet gun? Florida!

    Dang! the lockdown has me cruising YouTube. In Florida people are sniping the lizards with air guns. looks like a blast. I just checked and my airgun fits in my airline rifle case. is this really a thing? sanctioned by fish/game? im tempted to buy a second rifle so my brother will go...
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    for the holidays, my wife bought me this Partner Steel stove. finally used it.

    last week, was wild. i was in a terrible mindset. just scattered. i was determined not to let my nuttiness torpedo my wife's hopes of going car-camping. i forgot so much stuff!! no axe for splitting big hunks of wood my boss gave me. no lantern fuel of any kind..hahaha..i did bring...
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    You get that email from NM where they released our info?

    Weird. you get it? They apparently lost a lawsuit and all our hunt info is considered “public info”. (Marybe I messed a thread about it? )
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    what water tank is this? i'm a white-belt in Google-Fu

    i tried everything in a search. hand pump water storage..."hand pump" anything comes up with some wild products. (who knew?) i was just curious about this thing. it would be cool to have. it would make a great hand-wash station in my work truck..then do camp duty. any help?
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    Overlanding (?)

    maybe i've been living under a rock. but recently; i have been watching overland videos ( i had a long bed-bound cold). awesome compact trailers, gear galore, and exotic destinations all within driving distance of a truck. as a kid, i always wanted to road trip to Alaska. never knew it...
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    i'm thinking about Titanium Chopsticks.

    i use chopsticks damn near daily. cooking, eating, pretending to be a walrus, ETC. (joking about the walrus tusk) i've been considering buying my own (travel) chopsticks. trying to do my part and minimize the disposable stuff in my life. (somewhat). i realized, TITANIUM ones would be a...
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    Booze flask?

    I’m not a big drinker, but sometimes a flask seems like a cool idea. Long hikes. Backpack trips, etc. just wondering. Any ideas? I’ve seen very inexpensive lightweight plastic options. But what I’d I want to class it up a bit? Pewter?