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    WTS/WTT Bergara Timber 7mm-08

    free bump for a solid seller.
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    SpaceX Starlink Internet Service

    You mean the good ole days? I remember, and would take that over current society in a heartbeat. I recently moved back to an area with extremely spotty cell service. I can get back to the good ole days pretty easily around here. I love it!
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    What is everyone's career choice??

    They’re just trying to figure out why you don’t buy your meat at the grocery store. You know, where they make meat…. Sheesh, what a neanderthal
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    What is everyone's career choice??

    Self employed carpenter. Left a “good paying” PM roll in insurance restoration in the Midwest after 7yrs when my employer was bought out by a huge corporation. That job was brutal! I’m much happier now…and make more money, and have free time when I want it, etc. I was an ARFF/emt/aircraft...
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    Y’all think Ammo is bad? - EDIT: Baby Formula Shortage, Rokslide is AWESOME

    Fortunately my kids are nearly grown but this is crazy. How can you live with yourself when you know you are gouging your neighbors for something that supports innocent life. We need to produce our own food and medical supplies in this country and find some morals again. My wife and I poured as...
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    Mountain truck/daily driver brakes

    I have no experience working on dodges, but had a dodge company truck for 5 years. I have 460k on my current daily driver (ford super duty) and have had several other vehicles go well over 300k (Chevy, Toyotas, Subaru, jeeps). I maintain all my own vehicles because there’s just not a...
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    Cats messing up my garden

    S. S. S. Why is this even a question?
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    2022 guns or gun projects

    I’m looking for a 45lc single action to scratch that itch and saving for the next can. Hoping the eform wrinkles are ironed out by the end of the year. I’ll probably try to get a new barrel bought for my old savage too so I have a winter project next winter.
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    WTS/WTT Ramshot Magnum

    PM sent
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    Snow shoes

    I finally got to move back to the mountains many years older and somewhat wiser. I used to love snow shoeing but I remember all too well how my old atlas 9x30 shoes would sink through the powder making a short walk an all day affair. I’m planning to get out in the creek bottoms with my 13 yo to...
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    What cartridge for first rifle build?

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    What cartridge for first rifle build?

    Just make sure you check for any minimum barrel length restrictions before you choose a barrel or suppressor. I was always a 3006 guy but a few years ago I was convinced that I needed a tikka 300wsm. It’s a lot of fun to shoot suppressed but doesn’t offer much inside of 500yds that my 3006...
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    What animals could you beat in a fight?

    I have punted an armadillo. It was like kicking a bowling ball! I also chased down, tackled and choked out an antelope doe that my buddy had shot with his last round. He laughed so hard while I was wrestling that doe that his nose started bleeding. After we got her dressed out we sent the pics...
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    NFA eforms

    Took me over 18 months to get mine. The fire burns deep…
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    30-06 Rifle options

    I bought my first rifle in 1995, a model 70 featherweight classic in 3006. It’s been stacking game ever since including over 20 elk. I’ve owned other big game rifles, they just don’t see much time in the woods cause I know the m70 will get it done and look better doing it. I should really sell...
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    Sold McMillan Game Hunter - Edge Fill - Tikka T3/T3x Inlet

    Wish you had listed this about a month ago. I spent waaayy too much on my stock!
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    Sold Meopta Meopro HD 8x32

    Pm sent