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    Best Kifaru setup for elk hunting

    I run a mtn warrior and find it's great for anything from all day to all week. A guide lid and a pocket or two and you have room to spare as well as the horseshoe zipper a cess.
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    Musket cap issue

    I've too had issues with those caps.
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    What was the best thing you ate in Elk Camp this year?

    Pick some elderberries and boil them down. Add a piece of jalapeño and sugar....and some starch to thicken. You'll want it on everything. Pancakes, toast, steaks, biscuits...spoons.
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    "Practice" Backcountry Hunt for Grouse in CO or NM - Any recommendations?

    You had the right tool....
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    Posting Photos, Metadata, and Today's Hunter

    Having been the victim of photo poaching, I will never risk it again. I really don't care if I'm famous or if people call bs without pics. Once was enough. I have a story that involves a couple ghetto hoodrats, 9mm's, elk and the law that's hysterical...all came from the hood rats doing searches...
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    WTB 56mm scope

    Eurooptic has some swinging deals on trijicon scopes right now if they float your boat.
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    This is why we cant have nice things

    Imagine if it was 1984 again and people hunted for the sport and time with family.....never really caring about instant fame or gram status. Those were the days.
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    Electrical Contractor Opportunities for Son

    Hit the books at the local 77 as a grunt and show your salt. If he's worthy there's plenty of contractors and utilities who'll offer apprenticeship opportunities. Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. There's a lot of belittling to be gone through, but he'll soon learn that was all done...
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    This is why we cant have nice things

    Who expects a husky, un collared to be walking around in the woods that are known to contain wolves? I'm not condoning posting her actions....but at the same time, a wolf pup and a husky share a lot of similar traits that need time and space to diagnose. Typically that diagnosis would end when...
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    Garmin releases the Messenger

    Looks like battery life smokes the inreach
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    What do you carry in that backpack??

    A mature buck boned out fits in a 22mag pack.....but I can't fathom it in a fanny pack
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    Filson Chaps - Cleaning suggestions for mildew

    Whatever you choose, if you rewax them then put them in the dryer for a few minutes, they come out like the day you bought them. The patina is mostly gone, but the wax it driven deep.
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    What do you carry in that backpack??

    My best friend almost died of hypothermia on a deer hunt. I won't go more than 500 yards without the stuff to keep me alive in the place I'm in. In some places that might be a cell phone. In my haunts, that means fire flashlight and the means to get it going and keep it going. I've been stung...
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    Fletching contact

    Correct. It's basically an adjustable blunt.
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    Fletching contact

    Take an 8-32 machine screw a couple inches long and stack washers till you tune.....then pull the screw and weigh the pile.
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    2022 Bird Season(s) Pics

    I'm up 20 grouse for the year and haven't fired a single primer. Every one has been arrowed.....ground sluiced, but I feel like I deserve a pass.
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    300 WSM load shooting heavies

    This rifle also shot rl 17 well with's a 21" proof 10tw.
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    Fletching contact

    This I agree with.....especially if your shelf measurements are not factory. Sometimes the calculator is right for me, other times its 30 plus out. I just use a machine screw and add washers till I hit tune....then weigh and start there. I find the location of the weight makes a difference...
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    CVA Wolf and Williams Precision Muzzleloading Sight WGRS

    There is 3 variables that come to play....but the answer is to shorten the screw. Stack 10 pieces of paper and try again....if not enough...go 20. When you get to where you can tighten it, take that much off the screw. Use a sharpie on the end to verify its not bottoming out. Finally, chase the...
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    CVA Wolf and Williams Precision Muzzleloading Sight WGRS

    It does matter. This will help troubleshoot.