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  1. Cahunter805

    Sold Leupold VX5HD

    For sale: Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 CDS ZL2 Windplex reticle Scope is slightly used but in excellent condition. Comes with scope cover and all paperwork. CDS unused. $825TYD
  2. Cahunter805


    Looking for a NF SHV. Prefer MOAR reticle but open to others. Let me know what you have laying around.
  3. Cahunter805

    WTB Tall Outdoorsman Bino adapter

    Anyone have one laying around they wanna sell. Let me know.
  4. Cahunter805

    Sold Trued Rem700 action/McMillan stock

    For sale Trued Rem 700 long action .473 bolt face 7 digit action. No prefix Nitride coated action/bolt/.188 aftermarket recoil lug Factory Walker trigger Factory BDL bottom metal $700 shipped to your FFL McMillan sporter stock Long action BDL intel #4 barrel channel Stock is bedded but should...
  5. Cahunter805

    Sold Slik 634 tripod

    Anyone have a Slik 634 laying around? Checking here before ordering one. Thanks.
  6. Cahunter805

    WTB Scammer- Davidjedi

    Just got a message from this scammer. Beware.
  7. Cahunter805

    WTB Barnes 290gr TMZ

    Looking for some Barnes 290gr TMZ muzzleloader bullets. Let me know what you might have laying around.
  8. Cahunter805

    WTB Youth backpack

    Have a buddy looking for a good backpack for his 9 year old son. Let me know what you might have laying around.
  9. Cahunter805

    Sold Leupold VX Freedom 3-9

    For sale- NIB Leupold VX Freedom 3-9x40 1” tube Hunt plex reticle. $275TYD
  10. Cahunter805

    Sold Outdoorsman Micro pan head

    For sale Outdoorsman Micro Pan head. Pan head is in good condition. Used for the last 3 seasons. $300 TYD
  11. Cahunter805

    CO Unit 21

    Looking into Unit 21 second season as an option for 2022. Just curious if anyone here hunted it this year or recently. Any info appreciated. PM also works. Thanks.
  12. Cahunter805

    WTS Tuned Rem700 triggers

    All triggers are disassembled, cleaned, stoned, resprung and tuned. Average weight of 5 pulls. All triggers are blued RH. 3lb bolt locking safety. Trigger body exterior is tarnished/worn- $65 2lb non locking safety. $75 2lb 40X trigger- $100 2lb 8oz tombstone bolt locking safety. SPF 2lb...
  13. Cahunter805

    WTS Rem700 Triggers

    For sale RH blued Old style Factory Rem700 triggers. Have multiple triggers available. Some bolt locking some non locking. Let me know what you need. $45 per trigger. Multiple trigger discounts also
  14. Cahunter805

    WTB Phoneskope for iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Just checking if anyone had a phoneskope case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max they wanted to get rid of. Thank you.
  15. Cahunter805

    WTB Looking for IPhone Verizon/unlocked

    Looking for a newer iPhone compatible with Verizon or unlocked. Let me know what you have laying around.
  16. Cahunter805

    WTB 300RUM ammo

    Have a buddy looking for the following ammo. Needs at least 2 boxes. If you have any let me know. 300RUM Factory Loaded 180gr Scirocco
  17. Cahunter805

    Sold Black Ovis Puffy pants

    If anyone has a pair of the Black Ovis brand puffy pants in size Large laying around let me know.
  18. Cahunter805

    Sold WY OnX chip

    Let me know if you have one laying around.
  19. Cahunter805

    WTB Barnes 6.5mm LRX

    Looking for a box or 2 of the following Barnes 6.5mm 127gr LRX let me know if you have any laying around. Thanks
  20. Cahunter805

    WTS Kuiu tiburon 34

    Kuiu tiburon size 34 Verde 1.0 These pants have been hemmed to 31” inseam. Pants are used with some piling, pulls and a few tiny holes. $75TYD