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    Delorme Inreach Still working?

    This is for sale on Facebook in my home town for $50. I remember there was discussion on weather or not these will continue to work in the future but am looking for a quick response from anyone who knows. Is it the regular Inreach subscription? Will it continue to work? Sent from my SM-G990U...
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    DIY ideas for carrying bow on pack.

    I use a Seek Uniweep 4800. Last year I used a bungee chord and a nylon trail cam strap. That sucked pretty bad. The bow epuld sag and constantly needed re adjusted. I'm aware of the Kifaru grabit but am looking for more of a DIY option I can make or something from the hardware store I can use...
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    Gluten free backpacking.

    I hate to admit it. I ruthlessly made fun of the gluten free fad for years. Maybe it's Karma, but I have serious issues with wheat now. The doctor agrees, I should not eat it, and the gastrointestinal issues I get from it makes me agree. With season quickly approaching I need some more ideas...
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    Isobutane VS butane propane mix.

    So Walmart sells Coleman Butane / propane mix in the same style canisters as the isobutane fuel that we all burn in our backpacking stoves. I've searched a bunch and haven't found the answers. I figured someone here knows. What's the difference in terms of efficiency. Are they interchange in...
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    Resealing your RV Roof.

    I figured I would ask her as some of you guys may have done it already. I have 35 foot Motor Home with a black rubber EPDM roof with a failed reseal job done by the previous owner. The previous owner just went over the original roof with white Elastomeric roof coating without doing any prep...
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    Tight Spot guys / 2 piece quiver options?

    I need a quiver for my Elite Energy *WITH a slider sight. I've been out of the archery craze since 2012ish when I bought my last Hoyt Spyder and have been hunting and killing with that bow as is since. I have a gift card for my local shop and walked in to buy a Tight Spot. It seems these days...
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    Glass bedding or new stock?

    I have a Winchester model 70 sometime from the 1970s I forget which year exactly. As the classic wooden stock. There are no metal pillars in the stock. The recoil lug is mortised out of the stock, just wood. Would I benefit from doing a DIY glass bedding job on the stock, or would it be more...
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    Kenetrek Break in / Boot advice

    I've had a very difficult time finding good boots that work for me. Best fitting boot I've ever worn is the Solomon Quest, but I'm looking for a boot that is actually waterproof. I hate wet feet, and dont need insulated for winter. So any good waterproof boot will serve all my needs. I have had...
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    Has anyone tried a Burris Signature HD?

    Has anyone used and Dialed with a Burris Signature HD series scope? I am considering a scope I can dial with and am not going to spend $1k + on a scope at this time. I can hear the SWFA 6x comments coming. I'm well aware of that scopes...
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    Remi Warren no longer hosting Cutting The Distance

    Just saw today that Remi will no longer be hosting Cutting The Distance, which is in my opinion the most useful tactics and education based podcast for the western hunter. The show will be hosted, after the new year by Jason Phelps, which could be good. But I'm not sure you can replace Remi...
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    Jocko Wilink releasing 100% US Clothing line.

    I was listening to Jocko willink on Joe rogan's podcast, and they kind of unformally announced that Jocko's brand Origin Maine, Will be releasing a line of high-end hunting clothing. 100% United States source materials and 100% made in the United States. I know a lot of guys have been asking...
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    My rifle predicament.

    Fairly new to rifle hunting here. Moved out west a year ago. Long time whitetail bowhunter and I'm navigating my way through getting a proper rifle set up fore elk, deer and antelope. I hunted this year with a M70 in .308 with a 3x9 Vortex Diamondback. The scope is the weak link I know, and...
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    Different brand bag on a seek frame?

    I have a Seek Unaweep 4800. Its light and very comfortable but the lack exterior pockets is very annoying. Has anyone been able to and is it possible to attach say a Kifaru or other brand bag onto the Seek Frame? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Reloading guys I need some input.

    After shooting terrible on my antelope hunt and leaving for an elk hunt this weekend I just went out and shot my 308 at 200 yards. I'm 8-10" low which has me scratching my head because the gun seemed on when I took a few shots at paper while at camp 2 weeks ago. I have 15, 150 grain Remington...
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    Model 70 bolt stuck rotated.

    I have a post 64 M70 in .308. The rear of the bolt has rotated, causing me to not be able to close the bolt. Everything I can find after googling talked about removing the bolt from the gun with the firing pin forward causing the problem. Thing is I didn't remove the bolt from the gun. Just...
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    Track and scat identification thread.

    I searched and couldn't find one but thought it might be a good idea. I followed these track on a trail I was walking yesterday and have never seen anything like them. Anyone know what they are? This is north west WY. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Maven C4 in 15x and 18x

    This is an exciting debut. I have the C series in 10x42 and am very impressed with them. Has anyone here at Rokslide had a chance to get they're hands on these? Any reviews coming? Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Tough merino T Shirt?

    After my antelope hunt last week, and temps spring into the 90s during the day and high 40s in the morning I realize my kit is missing an important piece which would be a camo T Shirt. I would like it to be Merino but anything merino I have ever owned is fragile and wears out fast, specifically...
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    Charged by a sow with 3 cubs.

    Not too close and personal but.... We went in Friday morning at first light. We wound up hiking 9.4 miles straight up some steep nasty sheep type country before setting up camp at exactly 10k feet. About 5 miles into that hike at around 9 am we came out of the timber to cross an avalanche...
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    Archery Elk hunting Solo in grizzly country.

    How many guys hunt solo in grizzly country? I'm talking high density grizzly country. I had 4 or 5 guys committed to hunting bow season with me this year and everyone is a flake. It's my first year elk hunting, and I'm in NW Wyoming in a high grizzly density area. I've always heard archery...