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  1. J

    WTB 700 ml bolt or parts gun

    I am looking for a 700ml bolt with the handle, I would also be interest in any complete guns that could be used for parts. TIA
  2. J

    WTS Remington 700ml Blued 50 cal

    I have a 700ml Blued 50 cal up for sale, I just installed the Arrowhead 209 boltnose and breech plug to eliminate the blowback and make it Blackhorn 209 compatible. Gun come with weaver rings and bases. The gun cleaned up nice only a little corrosion near the breech plug. I would like to get...
  3. J

    powder measure recomendation

    What is everyone using to measure their powder by volume these days? Looking to possibly update my old measure.
  4. J

    what distance do you feel comfortable with blackhorn?

    I'm curious at what ranges people are comfortable taking their shot with a standard muzzle loader using blackhorn209? To preface this I have been shooting blackhorn out of my encore and in recent years a 700ml. When i first started shooting blackhorn I was amazed I was able to shoot constantly...
  5. J

    280AI barrel life?

    For those of you burning up the shooting ranges what do you feel would be an average barrel life of the 280AI? Not pushing it hard to the extreme but not coddling it either. Thanks.
  6. J

    FNG from VA

    New guy here from the Tip of Va. Mostly hunt deer and reload. when I have time its also fun to get the birddogs out of the few grouse left or travel to WVA for woodcock and grouse.