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    Hunting with Stock out of State

    Just unload and ride across then re load , problem solved
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    New Lightweight Saddle Help
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    New Lightweight Saddle Help

    Look into strip down saddles from nrs or teskeys or a saddle maker , they are made to be lightweight but tough enough to cowboy in
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    Iphone for filming hunts?

    Don’t film your hunts . Just go hunt better for everyone
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    Got bit

    Make him eat out of your hand for a month and whip him senseless if he acts aggressive
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    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    How is there 61 pages of opinions telling a guy he’s not entitled to his opinion?! Also he is right social media is 100% a marketing tool to get you to buy their stuff . Wrong by definition? No. Wrong in the name of exploitation of animals and the “sport” ? Absolutely yes. Most of you wish you...
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    Idaho OTC NonRes Tag Sale

    System is in place to curb non Resident Overcrowding and it’s working . Why would they allow party’s to buy tags when it seems it keeps people away but still sells all of their elk and deer tags . Perfect for Idaho residents and I’m sure they are happy . Go help your friends who got tags if you...
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    Idaho OTC NonRes Tag Sale

    Everyone wants a random draw but then everyone will be pissing and moaning when you have to buy a license to put in for a tag you probably won’t draw!! This system is our best option.
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    "Possibles" Pouch for Horse Trips?

    Just one size closest to my horses feet , only good to get you back to the truck or camp without crippling my sissy footed mares lol.
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    "Possibles" Pouch for Horse Trips?

    Ez boot good idea if you blow a shoe .
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    Damn goatheads!

    You must pull and pick up each one you see for eternity haha that’s the only way
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    Newb Question - Halter vs Get Down Rope

    Leading your horse with your reins is absolutely ok. Now tying your horse up is a different story . I usually throw a rope halter in the pack saddle or you could put it on your horse . If your horse leads good you won’t have any problems .
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    Next best thing to a Flex-Bow?

    Range tipi
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    rope burn treatment?

    Looks good to me as long as it doesn’t keep opening up scabs will last a while but nothing to worry about .
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    Ca a17 (x9b)

    No water on shingle bench
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    Let's talk grazing on public lands...

    More tax payers enjoy the beef than the hunting ....