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    WTS Slik SVH 501

    $90 TYD
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    Sold Like New Maven B5 15x56

    $1100. Two more days to ship before I leave for a two week trip.
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    Sold Like New Maven B5 15x56

    Bump. Price drop to $1125
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    WTS Slik SVH 501

    Selling a like new Slik SVH501 tripod head with plate. Will ship in factory box. Took it out once and set it up on a tripod head. $95 TYD
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    Sold Like New Maven B5 15x56

    No thanks, not at the moment!
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    Sold Like New Maven B5 15x56

    Selling a like new pair of Maven B5 15x56's with Outdoorsman's stud already installed. Glass is flawless. Comes with original packaging, paperwork, lens covers, etc and cap where stud goes. I preferred these over the Zeiss Conquest HD's 15x56. $1100
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    Idaho unit 27 sheep

    Keep up the updates!
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    Unit 37 Idaho Hunt

    Keep the updates coming!
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    Tripod head handle shortening

    It’s not for saving weight. It’s just too long for my preference. I prefer glassing with a shorter handle.
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    Kotzebou hunters

    Ram does a great job. I flew with them in 2019 and would love to travel with them again.