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    compact little zipper

    I've never been a fan of having knives with fugly built-in gut hooks as most are fairly useless. But these little Gerber EAB Lite's make having a zipper knife always handy. I chitcanned the utility blade for a roofing hook. They have a belt/pocket clip that also works good for hanging it on some...
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    first custom rifle is done

    All I've ever hunted with, or shot/owned has been factory rifles. I hang out with a bunch of enablers with GAP's and other full blown customs. Turns out, they're bad influence on the wallet. Bolted up my first custom today. Bighorn TL3 action, Manners EH6A stock, Proof carbon sendero light in...
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    Long range practice

    The boss on the ranch I work on has sprung for some more gong steel. I'll extend my meager 700 yard range out to a mile. Gongs every 100 yards to 1000, and then 1200, 1500 and 1760. He had me order steel this morning... 4-5 days to cut it, and then I can pick it up in Denver and set up the...
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    toaks 2000ml titanium pot question

    Do any of you guys have one, that you could give me accurate inside measurements in inches? thanks
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    I'll be.....

    looking for this goofball come rifle season...
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    greybull/leupold 4.5-14

    Sold the 264 this was on. Haven't shot the rifle 200 times and not for 2 years, so it might as well go to someone who needs it more than me.... With, or without the Warne splitter's. Alumina flip-ups and the box goodies. $745 less rings, $765 with them.
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    WTB kifaru handwarmer pouch CB

    title says it all. Whatcha got? Will buy, or have 2 CB small belt pouches to trade towards if needed. Thanks, Don
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    need medium padded omni belt CB

    like the title says. Have a CB unpadded small off my Antero if someone needs it.....
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    WTB kifaru med duplex belt, blaze grab-it II

    like the title says. prefer CB on the belt, but i'm not choosy. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Don