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  1. colonel00

    Olight Black Friday Sale

    Big fan of Olight lights. Not specifically hunting related but they have a new weapon light the some might be interested in. I do use their flashlights and headlamp when hunting and they all work great. Some pretty good deals starting on the 25th...
  2. colonel00

    Selling a rifle in California as a non-resident - CA residents please chime in

    Long story short, I'm working again in San Jose (Bay Area) and I have a coworker out here that wants to buy a rifle from me. Well, this has been a crash course in your crazy laws and processes. After finding out that you cannot just do a private sale and you have to do a transfer through an...
  3. colonel00

    Weston Products 25% off

    Sitewide 25% discount. Code is HARVEST19 and it's good through 8/11 Great way to pick up a grinder or vacuum sealer or other meat processing stuff.
  4. colonel00

    SWFA 10% of sitewide

    Through the 21st I believe. Picking up a Glock 43X for $403 Sent from my SM-G973U1 using Tapatalk
  5. colonel00

    Social Media Manipulation - Intriguing and Scary

    Alright, I know this isn't really hunting related but I've seen threads on here about people and social media. We're also dealing with 2nd Amendment issues and an upcoming election again. I just thought this might be worth sharing. I haven't been too active on here recently but I thought I'd...
  6. colonel00

    Dear Kifaru

    Please don't come out with a decoy bag that can mount to your frames. I'm doing fine with this setup.... Since I took this fall off of big game hunting to rest my knees a bit, I was ready to go for waterfowl season. While we usually hunt out of a boat, there are still times when I have to...
  7. colonel00

    Airline Upgrades

    Looks like I'll have some extra upgrade codes on Alaska this year. They expire at the end of the year so you have to book by the end of the year. For those that don't know, these will give you an upgrade to first class for a one-way trip. So, for a round trip, you'd need 2 codes. If you...
  8. colonel00

    Error when editing a post

    I keep getting this error when I try to edit the first post in a classifieds thread. Pretty sure I'm not trying to exploit anything :) This comes up after I'm in the edit screen and I click Save.
  9. colonel00

    ###Lots of gear for sale - check back for added items###

    Alright, I'll be adding items and photos as I have time so please check back. All prices are TYD with Paypal payment friends and family. If you would like Paypal protection, please add 4% to the price. I can also accept USPS money orders but obviously that does extend the shipping time. I...
  10. colonel00

    Packrafters - K-pump on the cheap

    Alright, I was going to put this in Gear Deals but it really isn't a deal that most people can get unless you are in KC. My Cabelas has a bunch of the K-Pump K100 pumps in the bargain cave. We have used one of these pumps on the Packraft Rondys that Luke Moffet typically brings and they are...
  11. colonel00

    Kansas City Folks! Frontier Justice Year Membership

    I have a 1 year membership to Frontier Justice. This is a local gun store/shooting range that has locations in Lee's Summit and KCK (by Cabela's). I picked this up last Black Friday but with work travel and other things, I just haven't activated it yet. Basically it covers range fees for a...
  12. colonel00

    Cold Bay Alaska Waterfowl (Emperor Goose)

    Alright, I know Rokslide isn't necessarily the mecca for waterfowl info but we have a good number of Alaska folks and others that don't just chase furry creatures. So, anyone have any info to contribute about Cold Bay in general and hunting there? Ideally, I'd love to do a DIY hunt. I can get...
  13. colonel00

    Insulated Prana Zion?

    I though for sure I'd seen where they make a Zion with a little thicker material for a little more warmth. I love my Zions and wear them daily. However, now that my time in California is coming to an end and I'm back to the Midwest where it actually gets cold, I quickly realized on my last...
  14. colonel00

    Peak Design Capture Clip on Kickstarter - Last Day

    As of right now, there are only 10 hours left. This is a new design of the clip system that is much smaller. This is a fantastic way to carry a camera attached to your pack shoulder strap. As a bonus, in their campaign add-on menu, you can get a bino adapter for $5. This will allow you to...
  15. colonel00

    Gun Trust

    I know there's a whole internet of info out there but sifting through it can be a challenge. Just wondering if anyone has any info to share on setting up a gun trust. Things to know or watch for, etc.
  16. colonel00

    Bay Area Duck Hunting

    After taking too many photos of some beautiful Cinnamon Teal and Shovelers last spring which we don't get in the Midwest (some shovelers but not like out here) I figured I might try to whack a few ducks this winter. I'm down on the south end of the bay (Milpitas area) and there are apparently...
  17. colonel00

    Just picked up a Remington TAC-14 for bear defense

    Let the chaos commence :D Seriously though, I did just order one. Might have it on some trips as a camp gun. Hadn't heard anything about these new "firearms that shoot shotgun shells" on here that I've seen so feel free to chime in with rational comments if you dare. Anyway, I'm pretty sure...
  18. colonel00

    Garmin Fenix - Post your tips and tricks

    I just recently got a Fenix 5x and love it so far. I know there are tons of sites and videos out there about the Fenix watches. I was just curious to hear how folks are using them with more of a hunting and/or backpacking focus.
  19. colonel00

    Reflective material and spooking game

    So, I've got some cordage with reflective materials as pulls on my pack. I have also been really liking my Simms rain jacket (made of Toray fabric) but it has some reflective accents on it as well. It stood up to constant rain and snow for 2 weeks in Alaska and I was thoroughly impressed...
  20. colonel00

    CNOC Vecto Water Container

    I like to watch this guys videos and he is doing a quick review of this new bladder. While it won't directly replace my Platypus bladder and Sawyer inline/gravity setup, it does appear to be a nice option for use as a container and for gravity/squeeze options. The video claims 2.6-2.8oz which...