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  1. Ryan Avery

    WKR Stickers

    Ok, I tried to get the USPS plugin to work with letters but it won’t so here’s what we are gonna do. If you order any product through the Rokstore we will add a WKR sticker for free if you put it in the notes. If you just want a WKR sticker send 5 bucks per sticker to our PayPal...
  2. Ryan Avery

    G9 Defense

    Please welcome G9 Defense to Rokslide. They are a great N. Idaho company. Here is a little more about them. "G9 Defense exists to build the most effective and reliable tools to ensure you can defend, protect, and provide for yourself and others when it matters most. They were founded out of...
  3. Ryan Avery


    Went in to mail a chassis today. They told me as of yesterday, shipping gun parts(non-FFL items) was no longer allowed without an FFL by UPS. BUT scopes and ammo are ok.... Has anyone else run into this?
  4. Ryan Avery

    WTS KRG Bravo Tikka Chassis NIB

    Never been out of the box $315 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Ryan Avery

    WTS 300 WSM

    This is the PUG rifle. I have too many rifles that fill the same task. So this one is up for sale. The rifle shoots Berger 200x20 under .5 MOA. It shot factory 200 Terminal Ascents .5, and it shot factory Hornady 180 CX .7. The rifle has been shot 161 times. It comes with 100 pieces of...
  6. Ryan Avery

    Scammers, Spammers and Hackers

    There was a data breach somewhere on the interwebs lately... Change your passwords Don't use the same email on all your accounts Two step verification Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Ryan Avery

    TAG Bags 20% Off.

    Overstock sale on bone in Elk TAG Bags. We also have TAG BOMB bags, Kifaru Deboned, and Elk Bags in stock
  8. Ryan Avery

    Rokslide Sasquatch Pic

    I ask Gerry Shaw(Photolab Studios) to draw me up a Bigfoot with a rifle. Dudes got talent! I like what he did on the suppressor too.
  9. Ryan Avery

    WTB Minox ZP5 5-25x56 THLR Reticle 34mm Riflescope 66601

    Or let me know if you see one in stock Thanks
  10. Ryan Avery

    Please welcome Arken Optics to the Forum.

    A word from Arken's founder @ArkenOpticsUSA "Arken Optics USA Founder Mike Reilly- Navy SEAL sniper (Team One/ SOUC-Spec Ops Urban Combat) The primary function of a scope is to aid the shooter in hitting a designated target. This instrument must be rugged and precise, the most crucial aspect...
  11. Ryan Avery

    Ramsdude47 has been hacked

    His account has been locked Change your Password often!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Ryan Avery

    30 Gibbs

    Anyone on here ever build one? I know ballistically its a 300 WSM ish. But it might be a fun project. I know someone who killed a pile of elk with a 270 Gibbs. But I like efficient 30 Cals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Ryan Avery

    Tell us what you think about E-bikes for hunting??

    Our friends over at Gforce asked us to put up a survey on E-bikes for hunting.
  14. Ryan Avery

    Calling people names

    Will get you banned. Go to FB, IG, or other forums and call people names like I do.
  15. Ryan Avery

    Welcome J/A Outdoors // Firearm Solutions

    @J&A Outdoors sells hard-to-find firearms parts and reloading components. I have ordered several items from Wes and he went out of his way to get them to me quickly. "Thank you, Ryan, Robby & the Rokslide staff for welcoming us and allowing us to sponsor your site. For those who don’t know me...
  16. Ryan Avery

    Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB 10x42

    Only been used a couple of days, excellent condition. $1100 TYD You pay fees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  17. Ryan Avery

    WTB Nikon Monarch HG 10x42

    Does anyone have a clean pair they want rid of?
  18. Ryan Avery

    WTB Berger 215 Hybrids

  19. Ryan Avery

    WTS Vortex 4.5-22x50 LHT MRAD FFP

    This is the drop test scope. The battery cap has a small mark on it. $850 TYD you pay fees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  20. Ryan Avery

    30 Nosler +P 2.0

    My first 30 Nosler +P didn't quite go as planned. It shot ok but I never really love the accuracy, so I wanted a redo and went with a longer steel barrel. The build list will change I had to borrow a chassis till my stock is done. Anyways I took her out today, I shot the same Unknown Munitions...