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  1. doverpack12

    Iron will flight issue

    I never could get IW regular 100s to fly anywhere near as well as other fixed heads so ended up selling them. If a shuttle T, ATAC, tooth, Kudu, hit the big matrix white dot at a yardage, then the iron will would be outside in no consistent direction. Had to be something with my setup because...
  2. doverpack12

    Rebuilding Pack Saddle

    I have an old Sawbuck Pack saddle that has been sitting for probably 30 years. Leather doesn’t look good but the bars and tree appear to be solid and in good shape. I’ve looked into replacing all the leather straps, britchen, breast collar from Trailhead Supply or Outfitters Supply but buying...
  3. doverpack12

    130 grain 6.5 Berger OTM on Game

    I’ve killed 3 antelope with it from a Grendel. Not a Berger bullet fan but some bullet weights in certain calibers work well and this seems to be one of them.
  4. doverpack12

    CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter replacement

    Looks like CX D Stroyer MX Hunter is the direct replacement to maxima Hunter so that one is solved. Might just go 300 spine to match up with the mayhem, it won’t negatively affect that bow.
  5. doverpack12

    CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter replacement

    These are for my friend and my dad. I shoot gold tip hunters and am happy. My friend shoots the maxima which is my old arrow and those are still the most durable arrow but I wanted and needed 300 spine shooting extra weight on the front.
  6. doverpack12

    WTB CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter 350 arrows

    Running low on each arrow, wouldn’t mind finding more for this year until I can figure out replacement arrows for next season. I’ll get some lengths
  7. doverpack12

    CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter replacement

    Carbon Express is not making standard diameter Maxima Hunter or Mayhem Hunter anymore so need to find a replacement. Have enough of each to get through this season but want to start working on finding a replacement now. Gold Tip Hunter seems to be close to the maxima Hunter in specs for...
  8. doverpack12

    Merino boxers.... am I nuts?

    People either love them or hate them. Me, guaranteed I’m chaffed in half day or less from all the wool fibers breaking off and becoming sandpaper. Went through 2 pair of first lite in a matter of days use each before blowing a fist size hole in the crotch. Exofficio going on 8-10 years of...
  9. doverpack12

    Time at full draw

    Thumb of release hand through pack shoulder strap will add a bunch of time
  10. doverpack12

    WTS Nock 2 It modified

    SPF will close when received by buyer
  11. doverpack12

    WTS SG Helio bottom Large

    I don’t think they will fit. I’m a 34-35” waist and always wear 34” waist pants in jeans or any hunting brand pant. I have very big thighs and legs/crotch area are good but waist wouldn’t go any bigger.
  12. doverpack12

    WTS 243 Brass FC once fired 119 pieces

    I bought and fired all of this brass as factory loaded ammo in my Browning A Bolt 3. Different lots of ammo purchased a box or two at a time. I weighed a few pieces periodically when I was saving to load then found some Nosler so loading that instead. 119 pieces that I will ship in factory...
  13. doverpack12

    WTS KUIU 145 SS Verde XL

    KUIU short sleeve 145 Merino shirt size XL and Verde. I bought or traded for it used. Worn a couple days over the past 1-2 years and just found I prefer other shirts. I looked it over and found nothing obvious but I’m sure if you looked close enough you will find something. $40 TYD PayPal...
  14. doverpack12

    WTS SG Sky Air ULT Footprint

    Used one 3 day trip last season as a ground tarp in my floorless shelter. Worked great just found something else I prefer. I held it up to the light after the trip and couldn’t find any pin holes or other marks. $50 TYD PayPal fee included or I can do Venmo.
  15. doverpack12

    WTS SG Helio bottom Large

    I wore these as needed for a season 2020. Nice and warm but I found another that I prefer the thickness and fit of slightly more. Only wear mark I can find is left of crotch where SG pants have the Velcro zipper adjustment. Some piling there and pictured. $65 TYD PayPal fee included or I can...