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  1. Huntnnw

    Bugles - Flathead Valley MT

    Was in Lima on the 12th for 5 days and never heard a single elk, all the guys I talked to also had not heard a single bull
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    How much trimming before you grind your burger?

    if you have a small grinder I use to trim allot of silver skin as it plugged up grinders. Now i have a big grinder and dont worry at all about it.
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    Lotta people buy a tag to hunt 1 year and never return, way I see it you need to look at as a 3 year investment to really learn and understand the areas you are hunting. You will be far more successful if you continue to hunt the area down the road
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    Hunting mule deer in North Idaho

    yes, probably 1k pics of him hanging with bull elk
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    Hunting mule deer in North Idaho

    A buck from a unit with very little mule deer harvest.
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    Trail cams

    A couple bulls
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    Tikka 300 WSM….What bullet for Elk?

    my tikka shoots 180 gr Accubonds very well
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    Idaho Unit 27 Elk

    no kidding! solo in there on a first elk hunt and then trying to pack one out will be a task. Id take a inreach or something similar Get away from popular vantages to glass and put yourself lower on ridges that will let you glass country that most glass from easier spots. Elk have a way of...
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    Hunting mule deer in North Idaho

    tight lipped on areas where muleys are. I know several who hunt them
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    Opinions on First Lite gear for archery Elk season

    I cant stand first lites fit , also loud.. its a no go for me. Best early season pant I have ever worn is the Kuiu Kutana
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    WA state quality hunt draw--Chewuch

    Pay attention to weather during general, if the high country gets dumped on it will push deer down even tho it could melt and seem too low at the time of your hunt.
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    New Food Ideas Needed !!

    make my own cereal in vacuum packer with powder milk added and just add water in am. Same with oatmeal add whatever you like and just add hot water. I bring smoked fish quite abit on trips and summer sausage. Dinner like most is dehydrated meal and I prefer Peak refuel. My goats are along we...
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    First week of September too early?

    Ive had some awesome action in early Sept and had a streak going where I killed 5 elk in a row before Sept 6
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    9mm for bear protection, even grizz!?

    you ever been charged? from your reply probably not. Your round capacity means chit in the moment. That 1st shot you take will be your best shot after that its chaos. That 1st one better hit home
  15. Huntnnw

    Season -2022

    Still waiting on ID draws to fully plan season. I have elk hunts in WA,ID,MT and UT elk permit. MT deer and WA deer, WA and ID bear tags. already hunted ID spring bear and passed up some bears, wife did take one.
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    Elk Antlee Growth Update

    big bulls will be past theirs 4's already if not on the the 5ths
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    Elk and Moose

    I hunt high moose areas with elk every year. Not a care in the world to the elk. Moose are outnumbered by a lot in total elk numbers to actual moose in a given area.
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    What's Your Favorite Tactic for Hunt Early Archery Elk?

    welcome to NE WA,N ID and NW MT . Many day hunts the binos dont even go. If you see a elk its in bow range
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    Idaho Draws

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    300 PRC Elk Bullet