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    Sold SG Krux Evo

    Man I went back and forth on picking one up. Have decided to just stick w the xcurve. Thanks for checking though.
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    Sold Blackpoint Tactical DualPoint P365XL

    Like new, carried dozen times max. $75 shipped.
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    WTS Trail Runners - La Sportiva 11 & Salomon 10.5

    Couple pairs of trail runners. Both in very good condition, no trail time. Few walks around the neighborhood with the dog. Salomon Ultra Glide size 10.5. I’m a 10.5 in standard US trail runners. These fit my foot. Just always pick up other shoes so these haven’t been getting used. $75 apiece...
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    Sold Pelican Air bow case 1745

    I’m around Louisville Kentucky. Would like to get this to someone who will use. Open to offers. No way we can ship it because of cost. PM if you’re interested and we can figure out a reasonable price and way to meet up. Mike
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    Sold SG Krux Evo

    Looking for full set up, would consider parts if you have them. PM if you have and would like to move.
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    Sold SG Krux Evo

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    Sold SG Krux Evo

    Looking for a used Krux Evo frame (new model w forward belt pull) with a medium belt and a 3300 (prefered) or 40/56 bag. PM if you have one you’re looking to move. Send a few pics if you don’t mind.
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    Sold Kuiu attack 36 buckskin NWOT

    Open to offers. Pants are in nearly brand new condition. Just too big for me now. PM if interested.
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    Sold Kuiu attack 36 buckskin NWOT

    Trade preferred, or shipped to lower 48 for $120
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    Sold Kuiu attack 36 buckskin NWOT

    Looking to trade or sell Kuiu Attacks size 36 reg length buckskin color in like new condition for any of the following: Kuiu attacks 34 regular buckskin, bourbon Kuiu Kutana 36 regular ash, buckskin, bourbon Stone glacier De Havilland or De Hav Lite medium/large regular length any color...
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    SG De Havilland pant new size fit

    Looking for some input on comparison between the medium/large and large of the De Havilland pant. Specifically fit in hips and thigh. I’m 5’11 190lbs, wear 34-35 pants. Appreciate input from anyone who has the pants in one of these new sizes.