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  1. doverpack12

    Rebuilding Pack Saddle

    I have an old Sawbuck Pack saddle that has been sitting for probably 30 years. Leather doesn’t look good but the bars and tree appear to be solid and in good shape. I’ve looked into replacing all the leather straps, britchen, breast collar from Trailhead Supply or Outfitters Supply but buying...
  2. doverpack12

    WTB CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter 350 arrows

    Running low on each arrow, wouldn’t mind finding more for this year until I can figure out replacement arrows for next season. I’ll get some lengths
  3. doverpack12

    CX Maxima Hunter and Mayhem Hunter replacement

    Carbon Express is not making standard diameter Maxima Hunter or Mayhem Hunter anymore so need to find a replacement. Have enough of each to get through this season but want to start working on finding a replacement now. Gold Tip Hunter seems to be close to the maxima Hunter in specs for...
  4. doverpack12

    WTS 243 Brass FC once fired 119 pieces

    I bought and fired all of this brass as factory loaded ammo in my Browning A Bolt 3. Different lots of ammo purchased a box or two at a time. I weighed a few pieces periodically when I was saving to load then found some Nosler so loading that instead. 119 pieces that I will ship in factory...
  5. doverpack12

    WTS KUIU 145 SS Verde XL

    KUIU short sleeve 145 Merino shirt size XL and Verde. I bought or traded for it used. Worn a couple days over the past 1-2 years and just found I prefer other shirts. I looked it over and found nothing obvious but I’m sure if you looked close enough you will find something. $40 TYD PayPal...
  6. doverpack12

    WTS SG Sky Air ULT Footprint

    Used one 3 day trip last season as a ground tarp in my floorless shelter. Worked great just found something else I prefer. I held it up to the light after the trip and couldn’t find any pin holes or other marks. $50 TYD PayPal fee included or I can do Venmo.
  7. doverpack12

    WTS SG Helio bottom Large

    I wore these as needed for a season 2020. Nice and warm but I found another that I prefer the thickness and fit of slightly more. Only wear mark I can find is left of crotch where SG pants have the Velcro zipper adjustment. Some piling there and pictured. $65 TYD PayPal fee included or I can...
  8. doverpack12

    WTS Scott Backspin red 2-3 finger

    Scott Backspin 2-3 finger I have used sparingly over the past 2-3 years. I really like this release and it helped me to learn how to execute a hinge release without hanging up. It just impacts a bit different than a few others and find I don’t use it anymore. Likely some pouch wear but...
  9. doverpack12

    WTS (Stan release) Cabelas instinct Dynasty

    This release is made by Stan for Cabelas. Instinct Dynasty by Stan. I bought it here in the past 1-2 years haven’t shot it much because I prefer others. $115 TYD PayPal fee is covered or I can do Venmo. Likely a few wear spots from the pouch if you look close enough, I looked it over and...
  10. doverpack12

    WTS Nock 2 It modified

    Modified Nock 2 It that I bought on here 1-2 years ago and have been using with my 80 lb bow. Works as it should, likely wear marks from use and pouch. I found another thumb release I prefer. $145 TYD including PayPal fee or I can do Venmo.
  11. doverpack12

    Pack Scale

    I’ve been looking for a pack scale for around a year now with no success. Outfitters Supply used to have them and must be having supply issues. Anyone know of a similar scale where the weight marker stays at the max weight, or have one they don’t use and want to sell? I have a 110 pound...
  12. doverpack12

    WTB 270 WSM Brass

    Looking for 270 WSM Brass. Would prefer Norma, Nosler, Petersen, ADG, Bertram, but in these times any will do. 50-100 pieces possibly more
  13. doverpack12

    Rampage Nock Options

    Anyone have a good nock that fits tight enough in Rampage shafts? I don’t like the Nocks they come with and X Nocks are too tight on my string. I typically use Bohning A Nocks on my axis arrows and like their fit to the string but they fall right out of rampages. Few older threads on AT from...
  14. doverpack12

    WTB Smaller 5/16”x24 bolt knob

    I broke my handle on a Browning AB3 and replaced with a glades armory handle and knob but the monster knob is too big and hits my index finger knuckle when squeezing the trigger. Monster knob threads off but reasonable sized knobs are hard to find. Anyone have a somewhat normal size knob they...
  15. doverpack12

    Prime Centergy Module Spacer Orientation

    Have a Prime Centergy I am working on tuning for a friend. Bow was new to him last spring/early summer. Got it shooting pretty well before season but now diving deep to get it really tuned up well. Noticed the top cam is leaning heavily into the limb and touching on the front right side (RH bow...
  16. doverpack12

    WTB Browning A Bolt III bolt handle

    Looking for just the Handle to an A Bolt III. I was in an accident and the handle with knob broke off on my 243 halfway between the knob and bolt. Haven't called Browning yet to see if I can purchase one because it just happened on the 23rd.
  17. doverpack12

    WTB Winchester Model 70 LA Featherweight Stock

    I'm looking for a Long Action Model 70 Featherweight Stock, 2 piece bottom metal with floorplate. Doesn't matter if it's wood or synthetic. I was in an accident and my stock split from the pistol grip to in front of the bottom metal. Mine is a 30-06 but I don't think that matters.
  18. doverpack12

    Pack Rope size

    I've been looking into pack ropes and am wondering if 1/2" is really necessary for sling and lash ropes. I'm planning to use polyplus or poly dac and 3/8" to me seems plenty strong since in my mind it's not actually holding that much weight if your standard to max load is 80ish pounds and...
  19. doverpack12

    WTB Kuiu Down Glassing Mitten Large any color

    I am looking for the original Kuiu down glassing mittens with all fingers together and not the separate index finger like they currently offer. L any color or pattern is fine. My friend decided he wants a pair after I was talking about my post from a few days ago looking for a pair for myself.
  20. doverpack12

    WTB KUIU Down Glassing Mitten XL any color

    I am looking for the original Kuiu down glassing mittens with all fingers together and not the separate index finger like they currently offer. XL any color or pattern is fine.