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    Sold Scope/Mounts/Accessories clean out

    Gonna try to throw all this in one post. Will steeply discount for anyone wanting to buy it all, or buy multiple items. Feel free to pm for more pics. Leupold VX Freedom 3-9x40 CDS - Great condition. CDS tracks fine out to 300 (which is as far as I've shot it) and returns to zero. Scope has...
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    Sold Maven B5 18x56

    Binos are in excellent condition. Glass is pristine. Only selling to fund a new riflescope. Comes with everything pictured. Will ship in a Maven hard case. $1200 TYD $1100 TYD
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    Sold First Lite, Black Diamond (puffy jackets and rain gear)

    All items in excellent/like new condition. First Lite Chamberlin Medium, Dry Earth - $240 TYD Black Diamond First Light Stretch Hoodie Medium- $110 TYD First Lite SEAK Rain Pants Medium, Cipher- $160 TYD If anyone is interested in the whole lot, I'll do $375 TYD.
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    Sold Maven B5 18x56

    Binoculars are in like new condition. No scratches, smudges, etc. Used for one hunt and always carried in a case in pack. Comes with everything you'd get buying new, but will ship in a Maven nylon case instead of the original packaging. $1200 TYD. $1175 TYD
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    Switching between jacketed lead bullets and monos in the same rifle, cleaning necessary?

    I'm in the "don't clean your rifle until accuracy degrades" camp. I have a 6.5 Creedmoor I'd like to shoot the TTSX out of for deer this fall. I use the ELDX for black bear and would prefer to continue doing so. I've heard people say you should clean thoroughly before switching to non-lead...
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    Uncompaghre insulation- continuous filament or no?

    Looking at synthetic jackets, which I generally avoid due to loft loss with regular use. I won't buy anything with short staple insulation like old school Primaloft for that reason. Anyone know if the stuff First Lite uses is continuous filament?
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    Anchoring shots/aiming for heavy bone with monolithic bullets

    I've vacillated between bow and rifle hunting elk. First two seasons were archery and I passed on shots I didn't feel 100% on. Third year I killed a cow with a rifle. Last year I lost the first bull I hit with an arrow on a shot I felt extremely confident on. Bad experience. Sold my bow and...
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    Sold Mystery Ranch Daypack Lid, Coyote

    New without tags. Just haven't actually needed the extra space. Fits Guide Lite MT frames. $75 TYD
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    Cabelas Euro HD 10x42- $549.98, 10x32- $399.98

    Great glass made by Meopta. Screaming deal.
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    Field Optics Research adapter w/ heavy binos

    Wondering if anyone has used the Field Optics Research adapter (Gen 2 specifically) with 15x56 or 18x56 binos, and if so does it handle the weight effectively?
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    Sold Athlon Cronus UHD 10x42 and 15x56

    Both brand new. Just like to try stuff out. Great glass for the money. Edge sharpness on the 10x42 is particularly good. 10x42- $390 TYD $375 TYD SOLD 15x56- $575 TYD $550 TYD $525 TYD $500 TYD 10x42 pics 15x56 pics
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    Tract Toric 15x56

    Anybody had their hands on these? Curious how they compare to other big bino offerings in the price range (Meostar, Maven B5, Kaibab, etc.) I briefly had the 10x42 Toric and thought it was impressive at the price point. The eye-cups made the 17mm of eye relief a little tight for my glasses so I...
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    Sold Kuiu Kenai, Large, Ash

    Excellent Condition. $175 TYD SOLD pending payment
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    Sold Marsupial enclosed harness, Small, Blaze Orange

    $90 TYD. Excellent condition.
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    Sold Maven B1.2 8x42, B6 12x50, and S2 spotter

    B1.2 8x42- Excellent condition, like new. $875 TYD (comes with clear lens filters) SOLD B6 12x50- Brand New (Never been taken into the field). $975 TYD SOLD S2 12-27x56 Spotter- Great condition (no scuffs/scratches on armor. Glass is pristine. Comes with neoprene cover and clear lens filer for...
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    Tikka issue

    Bought a T3X Superlight in 6.5CM two months ago. I've always shot Savages, but got tired of having to do upgrades on rifles out of the box to get minimal function (swapping out extractors/ejectors, etc). I had a good time screaming at the gun while trying to get out the plastic filler "screws"...
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    Sold Like New Kuiu Kenai jacket, Large, Ash

    Size large, color is Ash. Worn on one day hike. $180 TYD. $165 TYD.
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    Sold Like New FL Catalyst, M, Conifer

    Medium. Conifer. Never worn in the field. $185 TYD. $165 TYD.
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    Sold Burris Signature HD 2-10x40

    Scope has a few scuffs and one scratch on body from rifle bolt (mounted too low and it took me a while to realize the bolt was making contact with it). Glass is in excellent condition, no scratches or smudges. Comes with bubble level shown (does not come with flip up covers shown in pics)...
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    Sold 18 Beman ICS White-Out Arrows, 12 fletched, 6 bare-shaft w/ 100 gr brass inserts (not installed). 300 spine. 28.5 inches AMO.

    One dozen fletched w/ 2 white vanes. Cock vane is pink. Six bare-shafts. All are cut to 28.5 inches (measured from inner part of nock). 300 spine. Comes with 24 brass 100 grain inserts (not installed). No arrows have been fired. $175 TYD.