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    Tikka T3x bolt/safety question

    With the safety on, my natural hand placement tends to open the bolt to the stop sometimes while maneuvering the rifle in a stand. If this goes unnoticed, the safety makes a clicking sound and is harder than normal to move to the off position. Should I just consider this a good reminder to close...
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    Rangefinder range

    I’m getting back into hunting and would like a decent rangefinder. I’ve been considering the Vortex Razor 4000 mainly due to the warranty. I would like to have a trouble free experience with deer to 600 yards and targets to just a little further. I’m a little concerned that I’m overspending and...
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    Tikka bipod swivel

    I just ordered a Tikka Veil and I would like to use a bipod on the factory stock. I’ve had good luck with Harris on my other rifles but would be appreciative of any complete bipod system suggestions if I should switch brands. My main question with the Harris is what is the suggested setup to...
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    Tikka 300 Win Mag brake effectiveness

    After deciding on the Tikka to HCS to CM Mesa/Ridgeline and then to PH2, I’m back where I started and think the Veil will serve me well considering the price. Main use will be eastern whitetails with an elk trip or two thrown in. That said, I have a few questions about the factory brake. How...