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    Strother bows.

    Any one have any thoughts or experiance with them? My local shop just became a dealer for them and would like to hear some thoughts about them.
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    general discussion area.

    Why was the general discussion forum done away with?
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    inexpensive frame packs.

    OK, i know that Kifaru, Mystery Ranch,and a few other high end packs are outstanding options. What I am wondering is what are some options for packs that are less expensive but still functional?
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    I dont wanna sound ignorant.....but I am so here goes. I have only hinted elk with rifle once. Do you hunt them in the sam areas in the middle of october that you did a month earlier during the archery season.
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    to go back or not to go back.

    I am a week after returning home from Wyoming from my first archery elk hunt. I had a great time with some opportunities, but tag went unfilled. My dilemma is i have a week off coming up and out just happens to fall on the start of the rifle elk season........hhhhhmmmmm.
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    wyoming unit 7 hunt

    Well it was a long 2 weeks and hunted 2 different areas and styles so to speak. We arrived in Douglas and I talked with a friend from the area who turned us on to a private ranch where the landowner was willing to lee us hunt his property. He was having problems with the elk eating his hay. Well...
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    2 more day s

    I can hardly stand it anymore!!! 2 more days of waiting before heading to Wyoming on my first diy archery elk hunt.
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    Wyoming unit 7

    Heading out to Wyoming on Sunday for the rest of the month possibly. Does anyone have any info on the area and strategies for elk they are willing to share.
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    a few wyoming pics crom cell phone

    Here are a few pics i took with my phone because i wasn't smart enough to bring a actual camera. I have a couple of pics that is of 5 muley bucks,3 of which are 160or better shooters, my phone won't zoom enough to get them in close enough.
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    burns in Wyoming

    What is three likely hood of elk heading back and being in the area of the Arapaho fire by the time the season rolls around?
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    25 days.

    25 days and i will finally be on my way to my first Wyoming elk hunt. I can hardly stand the anticipation.
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    light weight jacket

    Looking for a good lightweight outer layer jacket for my mid sept elk hunt in Wyoming that won't break the bank
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    Sitka...i ordered a downpour jacket back in March from an online retailer.I was told they would be here in June.Well June came and they called and said August would be delivery date.well Aug is here and now i am told sitka won't delivery until after sept 15. I am very disappointed in both the...
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    Does anyone wear sunglasses for hunting elk, and if so what brand.
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    wyoming fires.

    Ii am wondering if there is going to be any public land left unburned to hunt in unit 7 . yikes I feel for everyone located near or in the fire areas in Colorado and Wyoming and the other affected areas.
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    Stupid question, but i am going to ask anyway, what are the advantages of wearing gaiters vs not using them?
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    Difference between 8x42 and 10x42 and vortex binos

    How big a difference is there between the 2 magnifications. Looking to get new bins and not sure if I can really notice the difference. On that note I checked out the vortex talons, viper and diamondback yesterday. I was very impressed by them all, with the diamondback being the most...
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    Zeiss conquests on camofire right now.

    Zeiss conquest 10 x 40 T ABK for 683.00
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    Unit 7 Wyoming.

    Hi , I was wondering if anyone has hunted unit 7 Wyoming for elk? If so would they be willing to help out with some info on the area or areas that should be given a closer look? I have been looking at a few different areas and are getting things narrowed down some. Thanks in advance, Barry.
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    my Darton DS 3800

    my new Ds 3800. Awesome.