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    My GSP puppy dies at a Kennel

    I’ve been around hunting dogs my entire life, I’ve worked for kennels and trainers on and off, and am now friends with several. I am speaking from a retriever perspective, mostly waterfowl. I can count on one hand the amount of dogs that came from quality bloodlines that couldn’t do what they...
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    WTS Stone Glacier Evo 40/56

    What’s the price on this, as it’s sure as Hell not 10 bucks.
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    Leica APO Televid 77

    Thats shocking, but good to hear. leica is my favorite glass to look through, but after an issue with cs 5-6 years ago I have completely stayed away, even though i like their glass the best.
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    Photography- one photo a day

    Have not been on this thread in awhile. 400mm F5.6 1/800 iso250 200mm f5.6 1/1250 iso640 380mm f5.6 1/400 iso1250 200 mm F4 1/250 iso 1000 16mm F/11 1/50 iso 1000
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    Invasive Mtn Goats in GTNP have to go

    Thats interesting i thought they had more involvement then that but clearly im mistaken , I agree with you completely, I personally dont like it, but also am friends with people who have and do work for the park service, and their hands are pretty well tied in these situation from what i...
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    Invasive Mtn Goats in GTNP have to go

    From my understanding they worked to get the tiered implementation of capturing and possible hunting in the later tiers if i am not mistaken intstead of the NP just going and shooting them all. If these goats didn't reside in a National park there wouldn't be an issue. But NP's have strict...
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    Photography- one photo a day

    my thoughts on fuji are below
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    How Do I Keep My FL Chama from Falling Apart?

    That is the nature of 100% merino wool. which is why if you look in any other outdoor arena its never used as an outer layer, its always covered by a shell, windshirt, softshell etc. That is one of the reasons companies are making wool blends now.
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    2019 First Lite

    The 50% more down than the nearest competitor is an odd thing to say. There are probably a half dozen or more down jackets that have similar specs on the market today, not including cottage makers. I realize they have probably limited it to hunting companies, and I assume they are targeting the...
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    2019 First Lite

    Some of the new stuff looks good. But I do not understand the marketing speak for the brooks, as its not really true or accurate.
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    OFFICIAL 'Sheep Show' 2019 Thread

    Thanks for the shots, I really dig alpha direct so I will probably pick this up to try, but really wish they made a full sleeves option.
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    Just tell me which camera

    Ive shot Fuji since 2014 and really like it, I've used an xt1 up until recently and picked up an xh1 a few months back. It has never been cheaper to get into the Fuji X system then it is now. XH1 with 3 batteries and the grip for 1299 is the best deal in the camera industry in my opinion. 50-140...
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    OFFICIAL 'Sheep Show' 2019 Thread

    I just re-read Jordans description. I saw the zippers running up each side and assumed they met under the folded flap for a panel opening.
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    OFFICIAL 'Sheep Show' 2019 Thread

    If any one gets a chance and Sitka is there I would be interested in seeing and hearing more about this kelvin hoody without sleeves.
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    OFFICIAL 'Sheep Show' 2019 Thread

    Is that panel loader!!!!!!!
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    Chaffetz at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo?

    Your being oddly emotional or oddly obtuse about this entire interaction and its strange coming from you. Chaffetz has proposed an HB 621 bill no less than 8 times at this point, it may be called a different name and ride under a different bill number but the language in it is almost...
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    Chaffetz at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo?

    I would have liked to see a round table with him included, instead of a keynote speech. I wouldn't mind having a conversation with him, but I already know what he is going to say. He has said it numerous times and made his position clear in regards to his stance on the Federal Government owning...
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    2019 Sitka? Anyone have the inside scoop?

    I gotta say I am a bit disappointed that the Hoody isn't going to have sleeves, but listening to his explanation I get what he is saying even though I do not agree. I really like a vest and dig kangaroo pockets, so ill have to look at this thing in person before saying anything. Id have liked...
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    Empty pack weight

    If the Kifaru frame fits you the best the extra weight is moot. Its when other lighter frames fit you as good or better is where the benefit lies.
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    Kifaru shipping

    Then I take back what I said. I usually get pullouts or pockets and such in 7-10 days max.