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  1. Justin Crossley

    Antelope Shoulders On The Traeger

    I always hate the amount of waste when I bone out front shoulders so I decided to try something different with my recent antelope buck. I simply removed the lower leg, and trimmed the outside. Seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, and olive oil. Then I put it in the fridge (sealed) overnight...
  2. Justin Crossley

    2023 NRL Hunter Match Schedule

    I just got the schedule from a buddy. Looks like there will be some awesome shoots again next year! This is a friend glassing for targets at a stage in WA. More info available here.
  3. Justin Crossley

    Zeiss LRP S3 636-56 Review

    Over the last few weeks, I've had the chance to do some shooting with the Zeiss LRP S3 636-56 Riflescope. The S3 is a brand new scope just released today. It's FFP, offered in MOA and MILs, 4-25x and 6-36x, with locking windage and a zero stop. My thoughts and review will be posted in the...
  4. Justin Crossley

    Wyoming Antelope Hunt

    With less than two weeks until I leave for my antelope hunt, I'm getting excited! My daughter is going with me on this one so we should have a great time. We are planning to hit the road on Friday, the 16th, and get there with a couple of days to scout prior to opening day on the 20th. I'll keep...
  5. Justin Crossley

    WTB XLR SA Tikka Chassis

    I'm looking for a short action XLR Element for a Tikka build. I don't need the butt stock or the pistol grip. Let me know if you have one you want to sell.
  6. Justin Crossley

    Antelope Horn Growth Near Cody WY

    How is the horn growth this year? I burned nine points on a tag near Cody and am curious how things are looking so far. Thank you
  7. Justin Crossley

    Corner-Locked, an onX Report

    The team over at onX put together this update on public land that is "corner-locked." Interesting stuff, for sure. Corner-Locked
  8. Justin Crossley

    Kryptek Fishing Collection, By Jared Bloomgren

    When @Jared Bloomgren doesn't have tags to fill, you can find him at the lake. That's the perfect opportunity to test out some of Kryptek's fishing collection, and Jared has been doing just that. Check out his review below. Kryptek Fishing Collection Review
  9. Justin Crossley

    SE Alaska Sitka Deer Hunting, By Jeff Lund

    It's almost time to head to Alaska for deer, and it's the perfect time to start planning for next year. Or maybe you're just thinking about going someday and don't know where to start. This article from @alaskalund should be helpful regardless. SE Alaska Sitka Deer Hunting
  10. Justin Crossley

    Wiser Precision Nighthawk PH 170 Review, By Matt Cashell

    If you're looking for a lightweight tripod head option, you'll want to check out this review. Matt tested the Wiser Precision Nighthawk PH 170 to see how it would work for his glassing needs. Check it out. Wiser Precision Nighthawk PH 170 Review
  11. Justin Crossley

    WTS Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000

    Sitka Mountain Hauler 4000 for sale. Pack is in perfect shape although it's a little dusty. Comes with rifle carrier, approach pack, dry sack, and internal load shelf. I'm pretty sure it's the M/L size. It fit me perfectly at 5' 10" 185 lbs, and I wear 32x32 jeans. Link shows full details of...
  12. Justin Crossley

    Sold Kifaru Xpac Organizer Guide Lid

    This Xpac Organizer Guide Lid is brand new. It's been sitting in a bin for a year or two but never used. I have no idea what straps or buckles it originally came with and am selling it just as you see it in the photos. $100 tyd CONUS and I take PayPal.
  13. Justin Crossley

    Sold Rugged Ridge Bipod

    I have an extra Rugged Ridge Bipod for sale. It works like new but does show a little bit of wear on the edges as seen in the photos. It comes with the claw feet as well. This is the 7"-10" model. Asking $250 shipped in CONUS. I accept PayPal.
  14. Justin Crossley

    Sold OR Expedition Crocodile Gaiters

    I have an extra pair of brand new OR Expedition Crocodile Gaiters for sale. Size Large. $60 shipped CONUS and I take PayPal.
  15. Justin Crossley

    Sold VX-2 3-9x33 Ultralight

    Selling a Leupold VX-2 3-9x33 Ultralight CDS scope with windplex reticle. I couldn't see any scratches or smudges on the glass. There are a couple marks on the eyepiece and some wear on the turret that you can see in the photos. Very light marks from the rings but I couldn't get a good photo of...
  16. Justin Crossley

    Kuiu Ultra Merino 120 LT Series

    The new lightweight Ultra Merino 120 LT Series looks sweet. I ordered the zip-off pants and the LS crew to try out.
  17. Justin Crossley

    NX8 4-32x50 MIL-C F1

    I'm interested to hear opinions on the Nightforce MIL-C F1 reticle. Reasons you liked it or disliked it. I had my mind made up on ordering the Leupold Mark 5 with PR2 MIL reticle but the Nightforce is 1.4 ounces lighter and it has passed @Formidilosus' scope test so I have more confidence in...
  18. Justin Crossley

    NRL Hunter

    Who has done an NRL Hunter match? @Travis Bertrand and I have shot a couple and they are a blast! Tons of great practice in two days of shooting. The matches force you into scenarios that make you think and make you a better shooter.
  19. Justin Crossley

    Sold Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter with Hornady 4DOF

    I have two Kestrels and don't need both. This is brand new in the box. $400 tyd
  20. Justin Crossley

    Sold Gen II Kifaru Nomad

    This has never been used in the field. It has the plastic inserts for the wings and comes with three horizontal compression straps. $150 shipped.