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  1. Kleos

    WTS Arcteryx Beta AR Large Shell $300

    I have an Arcteryx Beta AR Large shell for $300 or best offer. I bought it thinking it would fit into my system but its too big for me. I have only worn it a hand full of times. Will upload pictures later if there is interest. $300 OBO
  2. Kleos

    Hunting gear: strictly camo or some solids?

    I have been slowly building my hunting gear collection. But there have been some times when I loved the gear so much I wanted to have multiple purposes so I purchased some solids. Sitka Timberline pants are a great example. It's like indestructible pajamas you can wear to more places than just...
  3. Kleos

    Resources for learning

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for some great resources on learning the more detailed part of hunting elk. I know the basics but right now my issue is they are not talking. I have ideas on where they are bedding but my issue is the brush here is super thick. I thought about glassing...
  4. Kleos

    WTS Sitka Timberline Pants 32 R (Lead)

    Selling my Sitka Timberline Pants 32 R (Lead) w/ suspenders and knee pads. Bought beginning of this year. Only used for a portion of the season. Will update later with pics unless I get interest immediately in which I can PM or Text you pics. There are no tears/holes/rips. In good condition...
  5. Kleos

    Danner Tachyon to stiffer boot recommendation?

    Ok I know there are tons of posts asking people what kind of boot they should get. I also know that everyone's feet are going to be different. But; 1. I am a procrastinator and I live in a small town with no major retailers to go into and try on boots. 2. I could have made the drive to go try on...
  6. Kleos

    Shock Collar options for upland bird hunting.

    I am shopping for a training collar for my wire-haired pointing griffon for upland bird hunting. Curious what other people are using? I have been debating between the Garmin Pro and the SportDog 425X.
  7. Kleos

    Sitka Jetstream 149.00

    Sitka Jetstream Subalpine for 149.00 on Seems like a screamin deal.
  8. Kleos

    WTS Sitka Jetstream Subalpine (MED)

    Selling for a friend in good condition..... A Medium Sitka Jetstream Subalpine. Purchased last fall direct from Sitka, in great condition. No holes. Only selling as he realized he needs a Large. TYD $230. Paypal F & F. Open to discuss other payment methods. Will post pictures when I get them...
  9. Kleos

    Dog kennels

    I am debating between the Large Gunner G1 or the Ruffland Kennel. I have the option to get the Gunner kennel for $500 or Ruffland for 350. Just seeing what everyone's opinions are if the Gunners are worth the extra money or not. My dog will sleep in the kennel at night and it will be used...
  10. Kleos

    Another hunting dog questions IM SORRY.

    I am curious about those of you with bird/shed/tracking/hunting dogs. How much time each day are you socializing, training, and exercising. I am trying to set myself up for success. This will be my first hunting dog. I have previously worked with german shepherds for other working-type jobs...
  11. Kleos

    Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

    I think I am sold on this breed. Two questions. One is this breed prone to separation anxiety? Two how much time on average are you training your dog? I'm going to properly train my dog, take it hunting/shed hunting/backpacking. My only concern is if they are left alone for periods of time...
  12. Kleos

    Hoffman mountaineer / Mucklucks / Crispi for winter?

    So my Danner Tachyons are just not cutting it for winter which is no surprise. One of the most comfortable boots I have ever worn btw. I do hunt sometimes in deep snow as well as do a lot of snowshoeing. Does anyone have any recommendations on a boot for winter? I like the idea of the...
  13. Kleos

    Rab microlight alpine vs Rab electron pro

    Does anyone have any experience with both of these? I am having a hard time deciding between the two. Also how is the fit?
  14. Kleos

    WTB Exo Mtn K3 open to any size

    As the title states.
  15. Kleos

    Versatile 1 - 7 day pack?

    I am torn between Stone Glacier and Exo Mtn Gear pack systems. Ideally, I would buy one pack that would serve as my day-hunting pack. As well as my pack for trips up to 7 days. (Trying to save some money). Are there any other hunters who do this? Or do most of you have a separate pack for each...
  16. Kleos

    Sitka Timberline vs Kuiu Guide (Pants) Mid to Late with snow.

    First post here, hopefully I'm doing everything right. My question is what is ya'lls preference in pants when it comes mid to late season including snow. Temps can be 40's to in the teens here. I really like Sitka and the Timberline pants look amazing. My only gripe with them is there is no...