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  1. Indian Summer

    Not looking for honey holes but….

    Is anyone out there able to find .30 caliber Nosler Accubond bullets in 200 grain? I’ve been looking all year with no luck and I’m starting to run low. I did my research. Looked everywhere. Talked to the manufacturer too before coming here to ask. I know this is a touchy subject and I don’t...
  2. Indian Summer

    OnX Maps Image Dates

    I’m looking around at areas where several fires have occurred in the past 2-8 years. Some of the burns are huge and some spotty. Some areas look timbered but I believe the fires went through those stands of timber. My question is how often does Onx update their images? Is there any way to find...
  3. Indian Summer

    I think I’m in love!
  4. Indian Summer

    Wyoming Region G 2023 Partner wanted

    You gotta have the 8 points for starters. I have enough but no extras. I have a solid plan. A great area and good logistics. I hunt solo but enjoy a partner in camp. I’m extremely experienced in mountain hunting. So no rookies please. You don’t have to be Jeremiah Johnson but a little elk...
  5. Indian Summer

    WTS Swagger QD42 bipod New

    New in box. Never opened. $65 plus shipping.
  6. Indian Summer

    First Wolf Kill of Livestock in Colorado

    Here we go. The tip of the iceberg. Managing them especially with politics based regulations is like trying to get rid of mice in a barn. Good luck Colorado. I feel bad for the elk who have never lived in the presence of such a predator...
  7. Indian Summer

    5 Points in Wyoming?

    Actually asking for a friend… if you had 5 points in Wyoming would you just apply for the general license knowing you’d draw or would you go for a unit that is a draw requiring 5 points to give you the same odds?
  8. Indian Summer

    How Much Would You Pay?

    How much would you pay for an elk license? In other words is there a limit? Is there a point where you’d say nope... for that much money I’m out? I read the threads about license prices going up. Draw odds going down. Idaho is limiting non resident elk hunting. Colorado units went to a draw...
  9. Indian Summer

    Cancelled Hunts- Refund or Reschedule?

    What would you do? We have a hunt booked in Canada for the first week of May. I highly doubt that will be possible. We asked the booking agent when they will make a decision to cancel the hunt. He said... they won’t up until the last minute. That’s not working very well for scheduling time off...
  10. Indian Summer

    Physical or Mental?

    We used to sit in the bunkhouse at the ranch and look at client contracts before picking them up at the airport and decide which guide was going to be guiding what hunters. For the most part the guides would fight over the younger clients. If one contract said the hunter was 23 and his dad was...
  11. Indian Summer

    WTS Leupold Mark 4 LRT 6.5-20

    Mark 4 Long Range Tactical rifle scope. 6.5-20x50mm. Good condition. Some normal paint wear which is minimal as you can see in the pics. Everything is working perfectly and always has. I just want to jump up to a bigger scope. Includes scope lense covers, level, retractable tape for MOAs...
  12. Indian Summer

    35mm Rings/Bases for Rem model 700

    I need to mount a Leupold Mark V 7-35x56 to a Remington model 700. Cant find them anywhere. Don’t want a Picatinny rail system. Hoping for one piece base/rings like Talley. Help???
  13. Indian Summer

    Finding Alliant RL 25?

    Having trouble finding Alliant RL 25 powder to buy. Any suggestions?
  14. Indian Summer

    Anker Portable Chargers

    So I saw a comment from Wapitibob and several others recommending the Anker 20000 as a good portable charger. As with all products I saw a fair number of negative reviews. Charger itself won’t fully recharge, charger won’t fully charge other devices, usb ports quit working etc. Plenty of good...
  15. Indian Summer

    Wyoming Application is In!

    Today is the first day to be able to apply for Wyoming elk tags. It always feels good to get my application out of the way. General elk, regular drawing with a 3 point party average. Anyone else have theirs in? I can’t wait to see this sign!
  16. Indian Summer

    Colorado 170+

    I’m an elk junkie. So it’s easy for me to save my deer points. I just can’t seem to skip a year of elk hunting. I have 7 deer points in Wyoming so region G is tempting me. I know it well too because I hunt elk there as well as in H. Off the top of my head I don’t know how many points I have in...
  17. Indian Summer

    Which State? How do you choose?

    It amazes me the percentage of people who start threads that say “Planning our first elk hunt to Colorado” It seems like the majority of people start there. But they don’t always stay there. When I see threads that talk about planning hunts to Wyoming or Montana many of them say “We hunted...
  18. Indian Summer

    WTS Leupold Mark V 6.5-20x50 Long Rang Tactical

    That’s a Mark 4 Leupold rifle scope. 6.5-20x50mm. Excellent condition. 1/4 moa turrets. Includes Talley one piece mounts, scope level, Leupold lense caps, and tube mounted retractable tape to record your adjustments for various ranges. Retails for $2000. $1000 tyd
  19. Indian Summer

    WTS Leupold Mark V 6.5-20x50 LR Tactical Scope

    Leupold rifle scope. Excellent condition. 6.5-20 power with long range turrets. Comes with Talley 1 piece bases, tube mounted scope level and retractable tape for writing MOA numbers, and flip up lense covers. Retails for $2000. Asking $1000 tyd
  20. Indian Summer

    2 For 2 in Wyoming

    I can never save points in the Cowboy state because the general license units are always good to me. Id rather kill a bull like this every year than sit on points for 5-10 years to kill one bigger. There are no guarantees even with a limited quota tag in a “better” unit. No doubt the weather was...