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  1. Greg Beck

    Maven RS2. SHR Reticle.

    Bought several months ago. Very nice lightweight scope! Had it on my Tikka T3 lite. Sold rifle and don’t need this scope. Scope is in very good condition. A couple marks from the scope rings. Glass is excellent! $380+3.5% PayPal.
  2. Greg Beck

    Opinions on a rifle scope.

    I just purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in a.270. Now I need a scope. Wanting to extend my range to around 500-700 yards. Mostly hunt mule deer. Occasionally elk. And predators. Probably do some recreational target shooting. Looking at SWFA scopes. Should I buy the 10 or 12 x 42? Good price and...
  3. Greg Beck

    Found the problem. How to fix it or what next??

    I posted several days ago about a popping noise while drawing my Mission Hype DTX Compound Bow. Well tonight I found the problem. Hopefully the pictures tell the story. Where the limb fits in that bracket or pocket it slides in and out when I draw. Any advice??? Sent from my iPhone using...
  4. Greg Beck

    Noise while drawing???

    I'm shooting a Mission Hype DTX. When I draw back and the limbs start to load (my words) something pops or click lightly? Pro shop says it's the draw stop?! Max draw is 30" which is what it's set at. Not sure it's the draw stop? If I draw and than let down and than redraw it never makes that...
  5. Greg Beck

    Another pants thread!!!

    So I'm finally going to buy a good set of hunting pants. I've tried going the route of hiking pants of different brands, to many to name here, and they don't cut it for me! I've eyed Sitka and Kuiu for several years but the cost ( I have a really limited budget[emoji57]) always has keep me from...
  6. Greg Beck

    Help deciding!!

    Hey all I need some help in making a decision about a birthday Christmas gift for myself!! Birthday is a week before Christmas. My lovely wife has has given me 3 choices for a gift. A recurve bow, .223 rifle, or a .17 rimfire rifle. I really want all three but not possible!! A little history...
  7. Greg Beck

    I think I want to try bear hunting!!!

    As the title states.....First time for me. Thinking ahead to next spring. Any tips? I will probably do spot and stalk. I don't live close enough to bear country to try baiting yet. South Central Idaho. I have my units I usually hunt and know the area's somewhat. I have seen bear sign while...
  8. Greg Beck

    2013 Bear Encounter Compound Bow!!!

    I have for sale a 2013 Bear Encounter. I bought this July 2014. This bow is in great shape. I took it hunting 3 days this last season. I have shot it quite a bit just getting ready for the season. Also for sale with the bow are: 6 Cabelas Carbon Hunter arrows 55/70, 1 Beestinger 8'' black...
  9. Greg Beck

    Theron Optics???

    Has anyone used Theron Optics? I noticed they are having sale right now. My 16 yr old nephew needs a good pair of binos and his budget isn't that great. The Wapiti LT 8 or 10 x 42 are on sale for $130. MSRP is $279. Should I advise him to buy em? Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Greg Beck


    Looking for some advice on a release. Just bought a Bear Encounter the other day and looking for a release. I have shot recurve for a few years. I have shot compounds on and off but never owned one. I have shot with a Carter, Scott, and Cabelas release. I liked the Carter and Scott but can't...
  11. Greg Beck

    might as well...

    Hi there. Been hanging out lurking for a while n than forgot about this site. Came back the other day n decided to take part. Fairly new to big game hunting and still trying to take my first big game animal. Lots of small game taken and fished for years. OTC this year for deer and didn't draw...