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  1. taggart_lumpy

    Sold Jim White Panhead 2.0

    Still one of my favorite heads
  2. taggart_lumpy

    WTB Kifaru wolf grey shoulder straps long

    Looking for a set of long wolf grey shoulder straps for the newer style duplex frame. Can trade wolf grey shorts or coyote longs or pay cash outright.
  3. taggart_lumpy

    WTT Burris XTR II 4-20x50 -trade

    Still available
  4. taggart_lumpy

    WTB Pack for my wife/son

    found Looking for a pack for my wife for this upcoming season. My son will also be using it until he grows a few more inches. Both 5’6 height I’d imaging a small belt. Been thinking about a MR pop up 28, kifaru 22” frame (I have a spare 22mag bag already), an internal framed kifaru, or...
  5. taggart_lumpy

    WTS Origin Maine Factory Jeans 32x32

    To anyone looking these are great pants. I own 2 pair myself and 100% American made and sourced. Good luck!
  6. taggart_lumpy

    WTT Burris XTR II 4-20x50 -trade

    Still available