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  1. Nickofthewoods

    Rental Car Horror Stories

    Post them if you have one! Here's mine. This past winter I went to Hawaii with the family and in-laws and rented a car from Budget. I rented a Sedan and did the video walk around of the vehicle. We arrived late and even though we were tired and it was dark, my wife followed me around the car...
  2. Nickofthewoods

    WTB Barnes VOR-TX 30-30 Win

    This is probably a long shot but I am looking for a few boxes of Barnes 30-30. Or any other solid copper hunting rounds for 30-30 win. Not sure if Hornady Outfitter series has 30-30 but I would take that too. Thanks!
  3. Nickofthewoods

    Best Air Rifle for Prairie Dogs

    I have a big time prairie dog problem that's become significantly worse the last 2 years. I borrowed a pellet gun from my brother in law, it's a single shot with scope 1300 fps, and I can't hit anything beyond 25 yards and it's not even that great past 15 yards. I need to be able to reach out...
  4. Nickofthewoods

    Nebraska Mule Deer Threads

    4 out of the top 5 current threads being discussed on the mule deer forum are about Nebraska, so here's one more. How many more should we make?
  5. Nickofthewoods

    Value of Property Bordering National Forest

    Property bordering public land is valuable to most people and very highly sought after in many areas. What if you own property that borders National Forest and without your knowledge that property is acquired by a private party from either a direct sale or a land swap with the Forest Service...
  6. Nickofthewoods

    Report Violations on Public Land!

    Last spring I encountered an SUV with an empty trailer at a seasonal gate closure. The road was muddy and it was very obvious that the owners had four-wheeled around the gate. I took pictures of the vehicle and trailer's plates, as well as the tracks leading from the trailer to where they went...
  7. Nickofthewoods

    Tips for Neutralizing Fishy Flavor

    This past Fall my wife and I went to Mexico and were able to bring home a bunch of fish that we caught. Most of it is Mahi Mahi which we love eating, but some of it is Skipjack Tuna. The Skipjack was ok when we ate some fresh in Mexico but it now has a very strong fishy flavor after being...
  8. Nickofthewoods

    The Poor Man's Hot Tent

    The Poor Man's Hot Tent I had originally posted this as a response to another member's post but I decided it needed it's own thread and writeup. This is my homemade hot tent that I created several years ago after deciding that I would not be purchasing any of the very expensive setups that...
  9. Nickofthewoods

    Posting Photos, Metadata, and Today's Hunter

    As hunters we are naturally wary of exposing our favorite hunting locations to others, and since many of us post pictures here and elsewhere online I figured I would initiate a fun experiment. Many threads have mentioned the use of embedded "metadata" in photos being discoverable by any...
  10. Nickofthewoods

    Non Migratory Bucks?

    Thanks for the responses so far but I'm going to simplify the question. Does anyone specifically target areas for resident non-migratory bucks that live in or near winter range year round? If so what are your strategies? Do they have patterns or tendencies that migratory bucks don't?
  11. Nickofthewoods

    Tire Chains Specifically for Mud

    I'm familiar with using chains for snow but am looking at picking up a set of Vbar chains specifically for mud use. A lot of the areas I hunt are shale and I'm tired of getting stuck or stranded after a rain or snow, and I don't want to try to winch myself down 15 miles of road or have to wait...
  12. Nickofthewoods

    Mountain Lion Range?

    I had no idea Mountain Lions would travel this far in search of their own territory. Pretty cool.
  13. Nickofthewoods

    Archery Season Aftermath

    I Just got back from an extended backcountry trip in Colorado. My wife and I started on October 1st after the Archery and Muzzy seasons had ended and I have to say I was very disappointed in what we saw from several campsites, most of which were almost certainly recently used hunting camps. We...