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    credit card purchases

    JUST SEEN WHERE THE CARD COMPANIES ARE GOING TO START MONITORING FIREARM AND FIREARMS RELATED PURCHASES, For the purpose of reporting those transactions to the friendly federal goverment.
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    Stag Arms

    Waiting on a upper, any one shooting one of these, the rifle is in 6.5 creedmore, 22 in. heavey barrel 1 in 8 twist planing on load development with 140 Hornadys around 2700 f.p.s. built the lower it is also a stag arms with a CCGM drop in trigger. Was going to go with a Bear Creek rifle but...
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    Bear Creek AR-10 in 6.5.Creedmore

    Anyone shoot one and experiencing any situations, thinking about buying one.
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    Wyoming BLM

    Anyone out that way seen where BLM just purchased 75 thousand acers supposed part of it was owned bye a ranch who the owners name is Matron, something like 9 miles of it is alng the N. Platte river
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    Tag cuts

    Anyone see I believe its S.Dakota cut deer tags bye 800 due to the depletion of the herds due to the blue tongue I believe.
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    Yugo M-48 bolt parts

    Hopefully this is the right place, looking for Yugo M-48 parts, bolt shroud, firing pin spring, lower reciever parts or what ever may be available. Have stripped bolt and a never issued reciever,.
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    lucky day

    Scored 2 lbs of IMR 4831 45 a pound at a gun show. Been looking for 6 months
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    jack re-loading Yuma Arizona

    Anyone know if this is a legit business, seems to have a lot of powders, primers in stock.
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    AR butt plate

    Looking for an AR butt plate assembly mil. spec.- the one with the trap door and the correct screws to install, anyone got one they want to sell, If so shoot me a P.M. Thanks
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    Inital log on getting notice of security threat.

    Recently when logging on a securtity threat notice pops up saying too re-log in, after which everything works, anyone else seeing this.
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    RCBS Tumbler

    Thought I would pass this along, I have a RCBS vibrating brass polisher, has been used a bit, bought it brand new. Yesterday was preparing 45 acp brass the polisher would not work failed too vibrate, so I called the RCBS folks too see about purchasing a new motor,got the run around and was put...
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    Well finally paid off today, very nice mountain 8 point at 4:45 p.m. oficially only 2 mins. of legal shooting light left. 4 does came in and keep looking off too the left in front of my position as I was also looking got a glimps of horn about 100 yards off moving straight at my position, so I...
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    Illinois taxing ammunition per round purchased

    I heard this today and was wondering if it is true, anyone else have notice or in put on this.
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    Getting ready

    Just back from the range, checking zero on the rifles I will use this year for the two weeks of deer season, being a stand hunter in wooded mountain terraine, I use a REMINGTON 760 and RUGER #1 BOTH IN 30-06 AND BOTH SHOOTING A 3/4 IN. group at 100 yards, the hand loads are working great. Good...
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    Need a new back pack

    My old deer hunting pack is about ready too give up the ghost, really do not need somethin super large but a decent size too hold things like lunch,snacks, water bottle, small saw, small hatchet, extra gloves,socks,first aid kit,fire kit small tarp. extra rounds,drag rope, price around 200...
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    Tradutuonal muzzle loader hunters

    I have no qualms with the fellow hunters who use in lines (disclaimer) as I am a traditional long rifle hunter ( flint locks ) just looking for same minded members. who might want too post about those type weapons a bit.
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    Anyone funning a KDF muzzle break, I have a Remington 700 in .300 win mag been thinking of having one installed on it. Looking for comments, pros and cons. Thanks
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    Montana mule deer hunting

    Been hunting Wyoming the last few years, for antelope and mule deer, thought it might be a nice change too hunt a different state out west, being on the eastern part of the country time for scouting areas is a no go, would anyone be willing too pass a few ranches along that do trespass hunting...
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    Wyoming mulies, any luck yet.

    Anyone connect yet, on a Wyoming mule deer, leaving in four days.
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    Sig Sauer rifle scope

    Just wanted too give Sig a kudos, had a Sig rifle scope that was giving me fits, worked with the scope for three months and just could not get it too perform the way I wanted, called Sig explained the situation the tech rep never questioned the issues I had, sent me a pre paid shipping invoice...