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    Schnees Timberlines

    Just wanted to give a big Shout out to Schnees in Bozeman, MT. I've been using their Granite boots as a late season boot and a pair of their Pack boots for the past 5-6 years when the mercury drops for years now and absolutely love them. I'll admit I've tried Kenetreks but they don't work with...
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    Welcome Mountain Tactical—Tikka Specialists

    Welcome to the party Mountain Tactical! I've been telling Jason about this site for years trying to get him to be a sponsor! You guy's make some great products and have always taken great care of me!
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    Tikka Super Light 300WM build

    Amazon dropped off my new scale today so I got a weight. 7.7lbs without 3 rounds so bare rifle without scope, scope caps and mount (-26oz) puts it right at 6lbs 1oz. I’m sure I could have gone lighter with the wildcat composites stock, lighter scope, butler creek scope covers, modified the...
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    Let's See Your Semi-Custom Tikka Builds

    Love these semi custom Tikkas! Build thread for anyone interested.
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    Tikka Super Light 300WM build

    Need to get a new scale, the one I had crapped out. I’m guessing somewhere around 7lbs scoped. The bipod will not be part of the set up, it was just on for the photos. I’ll try to get a final weight asap
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    Tikka Super Light 300WM build

    Since there are so many Tikka fans on here and always folks asking about Tikka builds I figured it was time to share my most recent Tikka project. I've been missing a heavy hitting .30 Caliber in my hunting rifle arsenal since I sold my 300RUM and 308 a few years back. My primary go to hunting...
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    Making my .308 better

    Coming from a guy that has to modify everything I own, I don’t think there is huge aftermarket support for that rifle. I could be wrong but personally I’d leave it alone and start saving for a new build or buy a Tikka and upgrade as you see fit or as your budget allows. I’m not a Remington fan...
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    Pictures of loaded pack animals

    We pack a bit through the summer months to condition horses and clear trails or do an over nighter. During hunting season we generally just bring our riding horses then return the following day with pack animals or if we are under 8 miles from the parking lot we’ll put on saddle panniers and...
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    Public land OTC bull pictures

    A few OTC tags put to good use...
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    Mesa Precision Arms Carbon Fiber Altitude Stock

    Mine showed up a early last week. First impression is really good, wish the paint wasn’t so patchy but overall a nice stock. Waiting for more parts before I bed and assemble
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    10 day solo backcountry insanity

    Buy a small roll up style dry bag and some P-cord. We've left mountain house/dry food stashes for some extended periods with zero issues. Except for one time a pine martin got into my brothers bag but he left it there through winter and summer.
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    Holster suggestions

    G-Code gets my vote. Their drop leg holster is perfect, keeps my pistol off my waistline/belt/pack and when my arm is relaxed at my side my hand rests perfectly on the grip. I've been running mine for my XDM 45 for 5 years now and it shows no sign of needing replaced but wouldn't hesitate to buy...
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    Mesa Precision Altitude Tikka Stock Group Buy

    Ordered! Looking forward to this stock. I was ultimately going to go with a wildcat composites for my light weight build but I like the looks of the ergonomics on this stock even if it is a few Oz’s heavier. The other big factor is they are an American company run by a combat veteran (nothing...
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    Zeiss Conquest V6 vs. Leupold VX-6HD

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Zeiss Conquest V6 vs. Leupold VX-6HD

    Ended up ordering another VX-5HD 3-15X44 with the duplex firedot reticle. I wanted the VX-6HD primarily for the TMOA Reticle and locking turrets but for the price difference I couldn't justify it. Worse case scenario I'll send the Leupold in and have a TMOA reticle retrofitted in the VX-5HD at...
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    LR Rookie's Race to 1000

    I ran Ballistic AE for quite a while but it continued to give me skewed data like you experienced while shooting at 400 yards so I switched to the "Shooter" app and it's been pretty consistent. Occasionally I'll reference Ballistic AE but for whatever reason it still continues to give me some...
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    Zeiss Conquest V6 vs. Leupold VX-6HD

    Parts are coming in for my light weight 300WM Tikka build and I'm having a tough time deciding on the right scope. This rifle is not going to be "a range or safe queen", I've got guns for that. It will spend its life in the mountains on the side of a horse or slung over my shoulder with the...
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    Burris XTR II 2-10

    I have a like new Burris XTR II 2-10X42MM Illuminated MIL reticle 34mm tube rifle scope for sale. Purchased this for a AR15 build, it's been mounted and taken to the range twice and coyote hunting once. Will come with original box, paperwork, sunshade, and covers (everything it came with)...
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    Tikka super light in 7mm-08 downsides?

    Sounds like he's a hell of a salesman...not. Tell him to do his job and sell you what you want or for him to go fetch somebody that will. He works behind the gun counter at Cabelas, not as a ballistics tech or professional hunter or anything else for that matter that would qualify him to make...