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    First lite Corrugate guide pant, Fusion, XXL

    What is the waist size and inseam on the pants
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    How do you get fusions to stay on an arrow??

    How old are your fusions? Norway had some that the piece that is glued to the arrow was made incorrectly. The shop i go to had all their stock replaced from Norway with the new vanes and it has been a non issue since. I have a dozen fletched with them for 3d and they are all sticking like they...
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    Black vs camo bows for hunting

    Game only sees a very thin profile of the front of the bow in most instances so i think its a non issue
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    Single guy with money to burn...

    Get what feels best to you, no matter what the brand is.many great bows out there right now.
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    From Titletown

    Took us max points to.draw unit 7.
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    From Titletown

    Nothing this year. Hopefully Colorado next year for over the counter elk. How about yourself?
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    From Titletown

    Hey Scott, welcome this is Barry from New London
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    shooting too far left

    ,heck you rest it may be out of center shot
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    general discussion area.

    At least i dont feel alone.....
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    Keep it black or dip it...

    I think is more of what you want. Black is a natural shade in nature and what they see is usually just the front slim profile anyway. I dont think it matters at all.
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    what sights are people using?

    7 pin mbg
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    Anyone get the Flu this season?

    I had it back in nov. and it sucked bad. There are so many different types that a flu shot only covers a few.
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    Straight, Offset, or Helical Fletching

    3 fletch helical with 4inch vanes It steers fixed blade broad heads much better than offset or straight fletch.
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    A few pictures of my work

    Props on the threads to a fellow wisconsinite
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    general discussion area.

    ah never mind I am an idiot. The general forum a somehow got minimized on my phone. The general forum area on my phone was completely
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    general discussion area.

    it must just be on my phone then , because when i use the pc it is there. hhhhmmmm
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    Strother bows.

    Any one have any thoughts or experiance with them? My local shop just became a dealer for them and would like to hear some thoughts about them.
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    general discussion area.

    Why was the general discussion forum done away with?
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    how fast is too fast?

    I have aDarton DS-3800 that is shooting 307 with a 420 grain arrow at 66lbs. I found to get to fly decently that i had to Refletch my arrows with a 4 inch helical vanes. Also went to slicktrick standards. Wacem broad heads also flew very well, but i think the 4 inch fletching had alot more to do...
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    What is your 2013 hunting bow?

    So far 2012 Darton DS-3800