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  1. Dirtbag

    Company swag

    Have a quality folding pocket knife engraved with the company logo. Most companies will engrave the knife for you directly from the factory(Spyderco comes to mind).
  2. Dirtbag

    Going archery elk hunting during muzzleloader week?

    Absolutely. The more time afield the better. It wouldn't be my top pick for taking the week off, but if its your only time to go, or if you have the time off regardless its worth going. From my experience a lot of ML hunters arent giving it a lot of effort in regards to getting to the tough...
  3. Dirtbag

    Taxidermy time

    Ditto, My taxidermist let me know last year that the tanneries are very backed up. They were still able to get my antelope back to me a couple months after they estimated, but I'm guessing that's the hold up with yours.
  4. Dirtbag

    Are you guys sick of tipping?

    I don't love tipping, and wish it would just be averaged into the bill itself but have accepted it as the American system and tip well. They are working a job I dont want to work and thats worth something to me. people complain about tipping, then complain about how entry level jobs want higher...
  5. Dirtbag

    Colorado/Utah Fly Fishing

    I'd do a float trip on the Green. You'll catch a ton of fish, see pretty country and have a great experience, not too mention, In a lot of rivers in Colorado it's possible they might still be pretty warm to fish.
  6. Dirtbag

    Bosque Del Oso GMU 851 Colorado

    ^Good advice, Bob is a great guy.
  7. Dirtbag

    Salewa Crow's for early season

    I know some folks on here have some experience with Crow's. How do you feel about these for Colorado in September and October? I always have hot, sweaty feet in just about everything so I try to have the best breathability I can. Are these a decent boot for the early season? Coming from Asolo...
  8. Dirtbag

    Lowa Tibet Care

    I used Obenauf's with my tibets with good results.
  9. Dirtbag

    Favorite Index Releases

    I love my RX1 and swap back and forth with it and a wise choice thumb button..
  10. Dirtbag

    Hunting clothes

    Depending out what season you are hunting, you'll likely be fine it what you have. I'd only invest into it if budget wasn't an issue at all. I've worn it all and can say the top end hunting clothing is the most overrated and over marketed part of the hunting industry.
  11. Dirtbag

    Bad Boys Arrow Sleeves

    There are better ways to achieve high FOC, Not that you really need to go to this extreme anyway.
  12. Dirtbag

    Hiring an outfitter to pack elk out?

    What's your energy and time worth? With only packing it out on your back as an option, will that limit you as to where you are willing to hunt? If you expect it to take a couple days to pack it out on your back I'd consider getting a pack out service. Why burn up your body and two paid days of...
  13. Dirtbag

    Best or Favorite Bow EVER

    Crazy how we are all different. I had a Hoyt Trykon XL that I loved and I sold it to buy a Carbon Spyder 34, a year into it I regretted it. I shot the Carbon Spyder up till this year and had success but we never got along that well. Went to a Mathews V3X and I'm shooting it a lot better.
  14. Dirtbag

    Let’s see how everyone did last year!

    It's an old fox Squirrel hide/tail that I threw in that cage just for a little bit of visual curiosity.
  15. Dirtbag

    Has anyone gone from sliders back to fixed?

    I used to shoot a fixed five and switched to a single pin slider in 2014. I can't imagine ever going back.
  16. Dirtbag

    First Backcountry hunt pack list

    I love to flyfish as well but I'd ditch that stuff altogether and focus on hunting unless you were certain you are going to be around really great fishing a lot. Chances are if you are around great fishing you wont be where you want to hunt elk as a lot of high country lakes and streams have...
  17. Dirtbag

    Let’s see how everyone did last year!

    I had fun last year. Antelope in Wyoming, Mule deer in Montana and then finished it off trapping bobbers.