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    WTS SKB 4119 Bow Case

    Sorry man, I read it too fast. Yes, still available.
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    WTS SKB 4119 Bow Case

    It is. 3.4 pounds complete
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    WTS SKB 4119 Bow Case

    The 2SKB-4119 Parallel Limb Bow Case by SKB fits most parallel limb bows complete with quiver, sight and stabilizer. This case is ATA specification 300, category 1 rated (a minimum of 100 trips by air) with molded-in bumper protected TSA recognized and accepted unbreakable fiberglass reinforced...
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    Sold Heartland Custom recurve

    Sorry, just took another look at the pics, RH bow. Oh well. Thanks
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    Sold Heartland Custom recurve

    If I saw that pic correctly, it's a LH correct? I have a TiGoat SS/Ti cylinder stove I'd like to throw in to the conversation.
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    Sold Heartland Custom recurve

    RH or LH? Need LH
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    Coffee While Hunting

    Camping near the vehicle in a base camp - percolator and small thermos. Backcountry trips - instant packets, no thermos. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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    WTS - Garmin InReach

    Yes. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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    WTS - Garmin InReach

    Garmin InReach SE, like new condition, used twice. $300 Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
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    Advice on Wilderness Navigation

    Love this topic! Gain an understanding of what the terrain you're looking at, looks like on the map in your hands. Be able to identify basic terrain features such as hilltops, draws, valleys, ridges, etc. Understand the contour interval on your map and what slopes look like on the ground...
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    Getting started. Again...

    x 2 on so that you can hold yourself accountable. Another thought is to frame this as a life choice, a change to lifestyle, and not merely a condition to sporadically meet. There has been some really good, fundamental feedback here in just a few responses. One thing brother-...
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    Getting started. Again...

    Vance- Only knowing what you've posted, pay particular attention to how much sugar you're taking in each day in all the various forms it comes in and drink plenty of water. Try doing some of your exercise routine in the early AM and then some at that unpopular time after work; the idea is to...
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    Let's talk cooking stoves...

    MSR - Whisperlite, Pocket Rocket, Reactor...own all three and you'll be happy. Been doing this sort of stuff for over 20 years and they all have pros and cons. One big thing about liquid: leaks. This very rarely happens but when it does, morale goes down quickly depending on what other gear...
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    More new gear from Kifaru!

    Yet one more piece for my Nomad! Thanks Kifaru... BTW, picked up the camp bag for a rifle hunt this year; way glad I did. Outstanding modularity, awesome performance!
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    My Ed T custom Stove is on its way........

    I'll be receiving my second Ed T stove soon and I am as excited to get this one as I was for the first one. These aren't difficult to assemble, even in the cold, as long as you take some time and try not to get in a hurry. There's an old saying- slow is smooth, smooth is fast. I personally...
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    Kifaru slick bag 20 degree initial Impression

    I've seen a few comments here regarding the wear of clothing while sleeping in the bag. Unless it is absolutely required, wearing clothes while sleeping is counter-productive. OK, I understand- "unless absolutely required..." is very subjective but I've been in more than a few bags in as many...
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    Solar Charging/Juice Storage Devices

    Goal Zero has worked well for me. BTW- besides all the multiple uses described here already, I actually use my phone for a phone when I have service. Getting away doesn't necessarily mean I don't want to talk to Little Man or my wife.
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    Jdog's 11-18 KY Deer Hunt

    Just found this thread Jason. Sounds like you've been having a great time, keep at it.
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    Furlough Food

    Thanks for the input. x2 on the well wishes.