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    WTS Northern California. EZGreen bow press.

    Sale pending. Edit. SOLD. thanks roksliders
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    WTS Northern California. EZGreen bow press.

    It’s been used 3x. I never bought the Hoyt adapters when I bought my Hoyt bow. Dust and cobwebs are free. I have the regular fingers and some shortys I needed for Mathews bows. I’ll never use it. Works perfectly. Been hanging in my garage for years. Time to go. I won’t ship it. It’s super heavy...
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    Debt and the Hunter

    Awesome post OP. Congrats. now go buy a home. I kinda think buying a home is the first step in acquiring any wealth. It was for me. and my best move was to save for the future. I started my retirement accounts late. I think I was 31 years old. I wish I had more compound interest time. But I...
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    2022 Ford Lightning

    I am stealing your line. awesome..super funny.
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    First spotting scope, packing questions.

    the neoprene sleeve is too grippy on the interior of my pack. I like yanking it out quick and smooth, so no sleeve.
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    Exo vs mystery ranch?

    well said!! thanks.
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    Hitch Cargo Carrier

    I just gave mine away!! free on Craigslist. I bought it for my Idaho trip. it was nice. I got anal and used a few cam-straps to make it more stable, but even without the straps it was okay. I got steel. bought it off Amazon, and yes it was made in China. I used it a few times to take...
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    Exo vs mystery ranch?

    is it just backpacks that need to be USA made? what about lawn furniture? outdoor couches and tables? USA made would be $20,000..i got mine from Home depot for $800 and I was okay with it. with that hard and fast rule, you cant step into a big box store..Walmart? forget it.
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    What will Meateater buy next??

    wait wut? Meateater bought First Lite? wow.. i don't follow who owns what.. faack..Rinella is rich as hell? well done dude! well done
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    Exo vs mystery ranch?

    i only know (of the two) mystery Ranch. i love mine. it is so tough. i am still rocking a Dragon Slayer! which might be called vintage now at this point.
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    Garmin Instinct

    I wear my Instinct when I kayak fish or Mtn bike. after a day of fishing, my battery is about half gone. so I stay on top of charging it. I love it, because I can use it to track what I did for the day. it gives me a report on how my HR was, etc. and the map. the map is cool. I show...
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    WEN Generator

    yea. that's the one!! he said it has one thing he doesn't like. the placement of the fuel cap. he has giant ham-hands and he said when he curls his fingers around the handle the cap hits his hand. I also do not think it will run as long on a single tank as my EU2200. I ran my...
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    WEN Generator

    my old supervisor bought the Yamaha from Costco. right around $400. that thing rocks. I would argue it is quieter than my Honda EU2200. it purrs.
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    Part 2: I paid the stupid money for the 22 yr old Tacoma

    congrats OP. what does this truck look like. pics?
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    Rifle scope in place of a spotting scope?

    great point. but the rifle is still aimed at something you may not want to take. I've been scoped many times. it is not a very good feeling. I don't mind carrying a spotting scope and most of you all would hike me into the dirt.
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    So I buy this kayak - now I’m trying to catch largemouth bass.

    I’m still at it. Getting better at it. Even standing up! I took a long stay at home vacation. Been fishing my butt off. Sore and tired, but all smiles. Putting lots of miles on my poor truck.
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    Power tool talk - construction / diy

    MAkita. My impact driver and drill have been flawless.
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    Action camera question

    Wife just bought me a gopro9 fir my kayak fishing outings. ‘the thing is light years ahead of the GP3 I have rattling around in a box somewhere. There will be a learning curve for sure. But the voice command alone is worth it. I wish I could teach it to turn on when I scream. “Fish on!”
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    my PCP airgun is out for turkey season.

    gah..I developed a leak. easily fixed (I think). I had to clean some O-rings and lube them up and reassemble. I have NEW O-rings at the ready if my fix didn't work. here is what I didn't think about. I use a high pressure floor pump to fill the gun. well, I;m now screwed. there is no way...