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  1. 540-Virginian

    Sold Badlands Upland Huron Jacket & Pants Set - Medium

    Selling together - $70 TYD. Both size Medium.
  2. 540-Virginian

    Sold Sitka Ballistic Vest Medium & Sitka Status Beanie

    Selling together. Vest includes the shoulder pad. Size is Medium $60 TYD
  3. 540-Virginian

    WTS Crispi Lapponia - 10.5 $215 TYD

    $215 OBO Like new - purchased February this year, wore on one day scouting trip and a few days around neighborhood trail to see if i could break in. My right foot just hates stiff boots. Ive tried all brands and hoped these would work but just not comfortable for me. Feels great in my left foot...
  4. 540-Virginian

    Question for Hunters with T1D

    I know there are a few of us on here with T1D or who are parents of someone with T1D. I first want to say THANK YOU to all of you who private messaged me earlier this year when I shared my new diagnosis. You all gave me a lot of hope and determination that, although different, hunting could...
  5. 540-Virginian

    Sold 209 in-line Muzzleloader primers

    I know this is a stretch, but just need a small box (100) of 209 inline muzzleloader primers. I am almost out and cant find any locally. If anyone has a box to sell you’d be my hero. Thanks in advance.
  6. 540-Virginian

    I finally found it! Scent Control that WORKS 100%!

    You won't be able to keep dem does off you with this:
  7. 540-Virginian

    What ammo for a 308?

    So I am not versed in rifle cartridges. I was gifted a 308 by my old man - savage axis. Hunting whitetails and black bears, what ammo is your favorite? And would that same ammo work for elk one day or do you have a seperate brand/type load whatever for elk specifically. Thanks - and sorry if i...
  8. 540-Virginian

    Sold Firstlite Kiln M Pants & Kuiu Kutana 32 Pants

    Updated: Firstlite Kiln size Medium in Conifer color - SOLD Price lowered: Kuiu Kutana size 32 in Ash - $100 TYD
  9. 540-Virginian

    Sold Badlands Bow Sling - $25 TYD

    Pm me!
  10. 540-Virginian

    Sold Garmin Fenix 5S Watch

    $110 TYD OBO. I have 2 charging cords. I think I have an extra neon green band I'll look for too. PM Me. Thanks.
  11. 540-Virginian

    Sold ARCHERY & BOWHUNTING STUFF: Everything must go!

    Folks, it has been a shitty past 12 months for me. My kid had traumatic brain injury while we were out west vacationing last summer; she had to be airlifted and was in the PICU for a week before we made it home. Since then it’s been lots of rehabilitation and just helping her adjust and come...
  12. 540-Virginian

    Just diagnosed with Type 1

    Im barely 40 and just had some weird symptoms that started with my eyes going bad. Went to ER once i realizes my symptoms all points to diabetes. got admitted to hospital for two nights and now im learning how to live with this whole ordeal. Anyone else type1? If so, do you still backpack hunt...
  13. 540-Virginian

    WTS Badlands Pack and Outerwear For Sale - Medium

    Rise Pants Medium: $60 TYD Updated: only pants for sale
  14. 540-Virginian

    Watch it before it disappears: Australia's take on Wuhan

    I don't know much about Sky News Australia but they have 21M followers on YouTube. I'm only halfway through the video. It's interesting watch if you're into this stuff...
  15. 540-Virginian

    What gear are you going to ditch (or ditched)?

    What are 1-3 things you thought you needed on any kind of hunt that were a serious waste of time and weight and then ditched? Or something you replaced with an upgrade. This is a counter post to ‘what do you wish you carried sooner.’ Me: 1-Saddle platform when using sticks (I just use the top...
  16. 540-Virginian

    WTB Badlands Calor Pants Medium

    Can only find Medium Talls, looking for just a medium if anyone is trying to get rid of a pair. PM me. Thanks!
  17. 540-Virginian

    Anyone using Ozonics or an ozone machine (and willing to admit it)?

    Does anyone have or have used one of these things? Curious about your experience. I have a buddy who swears by them and how well it works. I could never buy into this $300-$500+ product as I just never believed you could kill all scent. I shared my skepticism and he insisted I try his Ozonics...
  18. 540-Virginian

    Sometimes I Suck at This

    Please poke fun at this. Hands were sweaty… release slipped off my fingers at full draw. It smacked my rest and guessing that snapped off the thumb trigger. Which then grazed my bow hand and flew up and away about 10 yards. Hand is fine just small little gash. For 3 seconds i thought my arrow...
  19. 540-Virginian

    Sold FREE to a good home: Flex Fletch Vanes

    30x 3.5” Vanes - White Ordered wrong size by mistake and opened package. Hate to throw them away. Please Announce here you’ll take them before pm me so others don't reach out, then pm me your address and ill mail them in a regular envelope for free.
  20. 540-Virginian

    Obsidian Foundry Pant Feedback

    Im lookong for a good warmer weather pant that is quiet. Anyone own the obsidian foundry by FL? Is it a swishy pant and would it be comfortable hiking in 60-70 degree weather?