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  1. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside 2022 Pack Updates

    You're going to see a very different look to our packs this year. To start, Kevin and I are ideologically opposed to making wholesale changes in product lines unless we can make those products genuinely better. We're making big updates this year...
  2. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Guardian Sneak Peek

    We've been working on this tent for a while now. The Guardian is a big brother to the Silex, and is about as light as you can go for a two person hot tent. The Guardian has the higher opening door (similar to Silex) that allows you to enter by squatting down instead of going to your knees...
  3. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Spring Factory Blem Sale, March 25, 2021 8AM MST

    Heads up for the RS crew.... Our spring blem sale will drop at 8AM MST this Thursday morning, March 25, 2021. Discount is 15% off regular price on most items. These seconds usually go SHOCKINGLY fast. That is good / bad I guess. We get several complaints from guys who had something in their...
  4. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Factory Blem Sale Nov. 9, 2020

    Heads up for the RS crew.... We're dropping a lot of blem gear into the closeout section of the site starting at 8 AM MT Monday Nov 9, 2020. Discount is 15% off regular price on most items. These seconds usually go shockingly fast. That is good / bad I guess. We get several complaints from...
  5. RockChucker30

    Packing Heavy Loads - Tips & Tricks

    Packout season is nearly here! I talk to a lot of guys about packout comfort and fitting every year, and have found that some simple things can make a huge difference in how comfortable a pack rides with heavy weight. So I threw together this video with most everything I know and have...
  6. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Custom Packs

    Heads up, the custom shop is back up and running. We had to take the custom shop down as part of our Covid response / reorganization. We're at a point now that it can go live again. Lead times are expected to be 6-8 weeks, but that may change if...
  7. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Blem Sale Heads Up

    It'll drop at 9 AM MST on Wednesday.
  8. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside 2020 Update

    We've made some changes recently and are rolling out some new stuff. Changes: 4-Way forward pull hipbelt closure - This closure uses a single 1" center buckle with four 1" ladderlocks anchored on the belt. It makes closure and tightening easier, and maintains the ability to adjust tension on...
  9. RockChucker30

    Cheap Stuff that Works

    Not everything should cost an arm and a leg. Post any inexpensive stuff you’d recommend that just flat works. I’ll start with a Mora 711. ~4.5 oz with sheath, easy to sharpen (and resharpen in field), and the textured rubberized grip is fantastic. Easy to grip and your hand doesn’t tire after...
  10. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Silex

    We're releasing the Silex today. 17 oz in silnylon, around 12 in dyneema. Pitches with two trekking poles. Requires four stakes. Can run this floorless or with a nest as a doublewall tent. The Silex is one of our zipperless tents, similar to the Eolus. Major difference is it pitches...
  11. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside Blem Sale Going On Now

    I'll use this thread to give the rokslide crew a heads up when we have our blem sales. This stuff usually sells out fast. The email on this one referenced stoves, but we're adding some tents and pack stuff that isn't advertised.
  12. RockChucker30

    Understanding Tent Fabrics

    Tent fabrics have different strengths, tear properties, waterproofing, construction techniques, and performance in weather. It's hard to know which fabric is best for a certain usage. I asked Kevin (SO owner) to cover the major differences in an article, which is on our site...
  13. RockChucker30

    WTS Cabelas Space Rain Jacket, Large

    Not used much, needed an XL so I got another one. Octane camo. $55 shipped to lower 48 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. RockChucker30

    WTS HPG Runners Kit Bag, Foliage

    Good shape, it's been used. I have a regular Kit Bag that I use more. $50 shipped to lower 48, payment by PayPal gift or regular PayPal +3%. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. RockChucker30

    YOUR success rate on elk.

    Archery elk success rates run 10-12%. Rifle success often runs 12-25% depending on area. I'm curious what some guys here run. I'd love to hear: - Years hunting - Elk taken - Archery, Rifle, ML? - Public land or private - OTC or draw? - Days per year spent hunting I suspect we'll see some...
  16. RockChucker30

    How to cut your pack weight.

    There has been a lot of discussion on weight lately, so I wrote a post on our site that gives a good thought exercise. How to cut your hunting backpack weight IMO the key to lightening up is to use your head and some common sense, and to look at your gear list from three main perspectives...
  17. RockChucker30

    New stuff from Seek Outside

    Seek Outside Saker & Cipher / Multicam Release We have a few new products, plus a new pack release and a run of Cipher packs and a run of Multicam Packs Mountain Mat - this is a 40" x 80" x 1/8" thick EVA foam pad that can be used in a tarp or tipi as a ground sheet to keep your sleeping gear...
  18. RockChucker30

    Seek Outside & Paradox Packs Update

    Hi guys, The Holidays are right around the corner, so we put together some gift ideas that could be delivered in time. Check out the blog post: News: Phillip Werner at Section Hiker recently completed a long term review of the Unaweep backpack...
  19. RockChucker30

    Colorado Trip Report

    Departure Day: This year I rented a car for the drive out. I started out Thursday Sept 18 at about 6:30 pm. The drive is around 1500 miles each way, and takes 22-23 hrs. I rented a Ford Fusion with unlimited mileage for what I thought was a very reasonable price. I said goodbyes, checked...
  20. RockChucker30

    Waterproofing a Paradox Pack

    Hi guys, we've had a lot of questions on how to properly seam seal our packs. For best results, seam seal the outside seams. Seam sealing the inside does little good. I thin the sealer pretty hard with mineral spirits, then suck it up into a small syringe and use that to inject it into the...