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    More changes to Montana hunting on the horizon.

    This may need to be implemented in the Big Hole or Dillon areas where Randy Newburg managed to get everyone to hunt, but I have never had a real issue with crowding anywhere else in the state. I run into a few people here and there, and obviously see a pile of road hunters. I haven't had any...
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    Alone....what roksliders do you think could do it?

    The only thing I can guarantee, all the guys on here saying they could do it, would probably be some of the first gone!
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    Like a good friend says- it should be called Mediocre Falls
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    Wall Tent Frame

    Just found a deal on a used wall tent, but didn't have a frame. Won't be an issue in most places I hunt, as there plenty of lodgepoles to cut pole out of. That being said, where I will be hunting in Colorado this year, I will likely be camping in pinion/juniper country. I don't have it in the...
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    While we wait…CO draw dreams

    I drew 3rd season. Should be a fun fall with the other hunts I have planned. Now if I end of drawing my CO elk tag too, things will be interesting.
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    Colorado, it’s draw time!!

    You are correct- looks like the 17th. Thanks!
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    Colorado, it’s draw time!!

    Been checking to see if my card was hit all day. Realized I had to cancel my card number about a week after applications were due. Anyone had experience with this? Am I screwed? Should of had high odds on my deer tag.
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    Past Olympic Goats

    I bet you will- Not uncommon to see kill-offs of lakes here in Montana to re-introduce cutthroats
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    Recommendations for Montana spring bear

    If I was coming from out of state to hunt bears, I would definitely go NW. Your driving a long ways anyway, add a few more hours for a better experience.
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    Are you a generalist or specialist?

    I voted generalist, as I do hunt many species, including occasional small game and waterfowl- that being said I focus on mature animals- and spend 95% of my time on elk and mule deer. I try to fit in one short antelope hunt per year, and anything else is only if my deer and elk tags are filled.
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    The Pandemic Effect, by onX Hunt

    While I don’t disagree with what your saying, or your sentiment; I don’t think the need for attention, decals, shirts etc is a new thing. I think there has always been a subset of young, and sometimes older hunters who are/act that way. I also think a lot of young hunters always have been/ are...
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    Little Pet Peeves

    My pet peeve is when a bunch of right wing conservatives bitch about “snowflakes” then want to cancel anyone associated with meateater or any other countless people constantly.
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    UA and Cam Hanes part ways

    As much as I don’t care about what Cam does or doesn’t do- what’s the point of comments like this? I get that you guys are way too cool to care, but then why take the time and waste the space to comment.
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    Montana outfitter

    Great outfitter. You won't be dissapointed.
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    Odd finds while in the field

    Found this old Coors Light floating in a stream deep in the Bob Marshall. Don’t remember seeing that style can any time recently. Tastes just fine 🙂
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    Anyone here switch careers into nursing?

    My wife is an RN. I would never want to go that route. She had a hard time getting a job in a location she wanted right out of school, ended up in a less than desirable area and position until she got the experience needed. Even when moving, she had a hard time getting another job. Fell into...
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    Hunting guide???

    Very common. The outfitting industry is like everyone, you can’t find any help. Finding someone who knows the country you are hunting well, and has tons of experience, would be next to impossible. From my experience, if they hire someone who has a good head on his shoulders, especially if...
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    Montana Draw Results - Aug 5

    Drew my buck tag as a resident.
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    Fire season coming to an end!

    All that storm did in Helena was start more fires.