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  1. PantherCity

    Tikka action wrench or vise

    So could one clamp a tikka action in a proper bench vise instead of using and action wrench? I would think I could get a good grip on the flat sided action in my vise with a couple sheets of paper or thin aluminum plates. What is the best way to twist off a tikka barrel and torque on a new...
  2. PantherCity

    Dope cards

    So I have been wanting to put together some dope cards for my rifles, I have a Kestrel 5700 and can imagine it is a little slow to get a solution in a hunting scenario. I’m wondering how close a guy could get with a handful of pre printed cards and shuffle through them depending on conditions...
  3. PantherCity

    WTS VX-3HD 2.5-8x36 CDS-ZL

    Sold. WTS VX-3HD 2.5-8x36 CDS-ZL This scope was new and mounted on a ruger 10/22 in a One piece DNZ mount and zeroed then sat in my safe for the last 6 months. Looks brand new with very fine mounting marks, hard to see. Asking $400 shipped in lower 48 and will include everything that came...
  4. PantherCity

    WTS VX-3 2.5-8x36

    Gently used VX-3 2.5-8x36 duplex scope for sale. This is the older pre vx-3i or vx-3HD model. This lived on my wife’s .243 mounted in Talley LWs. Comes out of the safe once or twice a year for a zero check and some Texas deer hunting from a blind. No wear/dings. Very faint ring marks but...
  5. PantherCity

    WTS Vortex LHT 3-15x50 HSR-5i MOA

    Looking to sell this LHT 3-15x50 with HSR-5i MOA reticle. Price: $950 shipped Includes everything that came in the box including unused custom turret coupon. Included MK machine throw lever Mounted and took a couple range trips, in nearly perfect condition. Only marks are the locking screw...
  6. PantherCity

    New tikka Raptor mount Looks...
  7. PantherCity

    WTB Wtb Spartan gunsmith adapter

    They are sold out on the website. Does anyone have a Spartan Bipod gunsmith adapter they haven’t used? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. PantherCity

    Rem Model 7 bolt knob

    I’d like to have the bolt knob on my model 7 threaded to install a larger bolt knob. Does anyone have a recommendation on who I should use? Should be the same as a 700 I think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. PantherCity

    Virgin Brass Prep

    I’ve got 200 PCs of SRP 6.5 creed Lapua bass on the way. Until now I’ve only been loading fired brass from factory Hornady ammo. How do you prep virgin brass so it’s ready to go? Is the 1st firing more or less burning components so you can get to real load development? Equipment I have...
  10. PantherCity

    Weight sorting brass

    I have been working up a load for a 6.5 creed Tikka and I’ve been using once and twice fired Hornady brass, H4350 and Hornady 140 BTHP match and 143 ELD-X bullets. Im having trouble getting the accuracy I would like, I’m right at 1moa sometimes a little under, low 30s ES and mid-low teens SD...
  11. PantherCity

    WTS Kimber Montana 338 Fed

    Kimber Montana re-bored to .338 Fed by J E S Rifle Reboring. Was a 7mm-08 before this. I had a kimber OEM muzzle brake rebored as well. I bedded the action in the stock with Acra-glass. Very light and handy rifle - 5lbs 14oz with scope mounted. Scope is Maven RS.2 SHR reticle mounted in Talley...
  12. PantherCity

    How/where do you carry Javelin Bipod

    I got a javelin bipod this summer and really like it. How and where are you guys carrying the bipod so you can get to it quickly but it is also out of the way. They make a few carriers and I think the minimalist Red Kettle one looks best, but I don’t think I want to carry it on my belt...
  13. PantherCity

    NXS 2.5-10 tracking issues?

    I have an NXS 2.5-10x42 compact MOA that I mounted on a rifle and have only shot a couple of times, but tonight I noticed something weird with the vertical tracking. I have zeroed and set the zero stop, and verified dope and dialed around quite a bit out to 520yds and nothing seems out of...
  14. PantherCity

    Bolt handle contacting stock

    I had a tikka bedded into an Axial precision stock and then added the Lumley Ti/Carbon bolt handle/knob and there is some slight contact in the bolt handle cut out. It shoots well but it does make a thud when dry firing and I was thinking it could affect the bolt position when it’s locked up...
  15. PantherCity

    WTS/WTT Trade Maven RS.1 SHR reticle for MOA reticle

    I have a Maven RS.1 with the SHR reticle I would like to trade for the MOA reticle. Scope is in very good shape, it was mounted in lapped talley rings, I don’t think there are any ring marks, but I can take it out and take pictures if someone is interested in a trade. Only taken on one truck...
  16. PantherCity

    Tikka build 6.5 Creed - short or long mags

    Looking to get a T3x Stainless in 6.5 creedmoor and putting it in a Manners EHT stock with a mountain tactical performance OEM bottom metal. Should I go ahead and get some long mags and long action bolt release? What kind of after market mags are available? I would like to stick with flush...
  17. PantherCity

    WTS VX-6 2-12x42 CDS for sale

    I have a Leupold VX-6 2-12x42 CDS duplex for sale. Includes unused Custom Dial voucher A few small marks from use and faint ring marks, more so in the front, but in very good shape overall. Glass is perfect, crystal clear scope. Had it mounted in Talleys on a 6.5 creed. Includes box...
  18. PantherCity

    7/16x28 muzzle breaks - Kimber rifles

    I just had a kimber Montana rebored to 338 Federal and it thumps pretty good. I’d like to get a break to use for practice and load work ups. Does anybody make a break beside the kimber that has 7/16x28 threads? I could get the kimber but then I’d still have to pay to have it machined out to...
  19. PantherCity

    WTT Want to trade maven RS.2 Duplex for SHR reticle

    I would like to swap my maven RS.2 scope with duplex reticle for one with the SHR reticle. It was mounted but never taken afield so good condition but has a slight mark from mounting in some tally LW rings. No box but it has the neoprene cover. Thanks, Chase Sent from my iPhone using...
  20. PantherCity

    338 Federal loads

    I just bought a kimber Montana in 7mm-08 with 22” barrel that I’m going to send off to JES to be rebored to 338 Federal. With a Maven RS.2 in Talley LWs it might come out under 6lbs. I think the SHR reticle will have useful holdover subtensions with the 338 and will make a good scope for a 300yd...