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    18.5” Kimber Hunter .270 !!!!

    I’ve been holding off posting anything about this rifle because even I didn’t know if this was a good idea. Apparently I’m on to something. I picked up this rifle from a hardware store for a good deal and wanted to see if I could make a short, handy lightweight rifle. I know what your thinking...
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    WTS Pulsar Digex N450 (Cheap!)

    Selling my Digex N450 night vision scope. Everything works as it should. I bought it brand new and have the box/bag and everything that came with it. It will come with the Vortex rings as shown in the picture. Scope is quite trick, but does not work for my type of hunting. It has been sprayed...
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    WTB Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40 LR B&C

    Looking for an older Leupold VX-3 or Vx-III 4.5-14x40mm Long Range scope with the Boone and Crocket reticle. If someone has one they would part with, please PM me pics and asking price. Travis S.
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    WTB 3.5-10x40 Leupold w/B&C

    Looking for a 3.5-10x40 Leupold with the Boone and Crocket reticle. Looking for one of the older scopes that has the two sets of markings in the power ring used for ranging. Please let me know what you have. Travis S.
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    WTB Rem 700 .270 Win ADL or BDL

    Looking for a Remington 700 in .270 win. It needs to include factory iron sights or at least be drilled for them. I don’t care about stock configuration or the condition of the metal finish. Ultimately I will be using just the barreled action and it will go into a different stock. Let me know...
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    WTS Timney CE 2 stage Rem 700 trigger

    Looking to sell a Calvin Elite 2 stage trigger for a Remington 700/ 700 clone. This one does have the bolt release and safety. Asking $130 TYD. Check or MO only please.
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    WTB TNVC Torch IR illuminator

    Look for a TNVC Torch. I’d take any generations but I’d really like to have the first generation that does not have high/low output. Let me know if you have one and asking price. Thanks, Travis S
  8. 83cj-7

    WTS Pulsar N450 night vision scope

    Pulsar Digex N450 digital night vision scope. Just got the scope last week and mounted it on a rifle but have not fired it yet. Image quality is better than my TNVC PVS 14 with a pinnacle tube. I have decided that I would like to go to thermal since I already have a PVS 14. Scope and image...
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    WTS Pulsar Digex N450

    Just got the scope this week and mounted it on a rifle but have not fired it yet. Image quality is better than my TNVC PVS 14 with a pinnacle tube. I have decided that I would like to go to thermal since I already have a PVS 14. Paid $1300 and will sell this for $1100. I will split shipping with...
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    WTB Nosler .22 cal 60 gn BT

    Looking for some Nosler .224 diameter 60 grain ballistic tip Varmint bullets. I’d take a few or a bunch. Travis S
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    WTS First Lite Cirrus, L, DE

    First Lite Cirrus puffy jacket, size large in Dry Earth. Nearly perfect condition. $150 TYD, Bank check or MO Travis S.
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    WTS T3x Wideland stock and T1x MT bottom metal

    Factory T3x stock in Veil Wideland. Brand new take-off. $100 plus shipping. Mountain tactical trigger guard/bottom metal for a Tikka T1x. Fresh coat of Graphite black Cerakote. $75 plus shipping. Money order or check only please.
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    WTB Leupold 3.5-10x40 Boone and Crockett

    Looking for a VX-3 3.5-10x40mm with the Boone and Crockett reticle. I’d really like an older model with the ranging marks on the power ring. I’m willing to pay top dollar for the right scope. Travis S
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    WTT Nosler 7mm 168 ABLR for .277 Accubonds

    I have a bunch of 7mm 168 Accubond Long Range bullets that I’d like to trade for Nosler .277 caliber 150 Accubonds. Let me know what you have.
  15. 83cj-7

    WTS Tikka T1x and T3x Mountain tactical trigger guards

    I have 2 T3x trigger guards and 1 T1x trigger guard that I’d like to sell. All three are Cerakoted in a dark earth color. T3 trigger guards are sold Individual in current color: $75 TYD I can blast them and Cerakote them another color but this may add some $ and time depending on what color...
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    WTB Looking for Hornady 7mm 175 Round nose bullets.

    Like the title says, looking for several hundred or whatever you might have. I have a 280 that eats them like PEZ. I have some other miscellaneous 7mm bullies that I’d be will to trade. Travis S
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    WTS Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42

    Looking to upgrade my Geovids. Let me just say that these are not in perfect condition (see photos) but they are absolutely 100% functional. In fact they have always been perfectly reliable and an extremely useful tool in the field. They have seen lots of field use, as you can tell. I got these...
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    WTS/WTT 7mm bullet lot

    I have some 7mm bullets that I will never use. Looking to sell the whole lot or trade for bullets I might use. Quantities are written on the boxes. Trade for: Speer 7mm 130 grains Hot core SP Hornady 7mm 175 grain round nose Hornady 6mm 87 grain vmax Or sell the whole lot for $85 shipped...
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    6.5 RPM experience?

    Does anyone have any real world experience with this cartridge? Accuracy with factory ammo and or hand loads? Speeds with various powders and bullets? I have read about everything I can find online, just looking for experiences from anyone on RS.
  20. 83cj-7

    Leica Geovid HD-B software upgrade?

    I have an older pair of HD-Bs that only displays MOA in whole numbers when using the built in ballistics. Apparently this is how the older ones were. My question is if anyone knows if Leica can update the software in them to show MOA with 1/10th increments like the newer ones?