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  1. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    Analysis Paralasis. Think back to when you were a kid. Cool boxes sold ammo....ballistics didn’t mean shit. Deer still died.
  2. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    I bet you worry more about it than she does. My daughter was like “oooh, it’s pink camo”
  3. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    At around 7lb scoped and ready to roll, Tikkas are tough to beat.
  4. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    Par is par. Animals are animals. Point being that some fellas believe gals/kids need a 7-08, but they need a 300 WM. Drive for show, put for dough. Or doe, as the case might me.
  5. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    You do understand what tempo means right?
  6. 16Bore

    All around rifle for female hunter

    I’ve always chuckled that wives and kids need lighter calibers to shoot the same game as fellas. Pretty funny story..... Years ago I was a golf course superintendent...therefore I played just about every day. The best “lesson” I ever got was watching the tempo of a ladies golf swing...
  7. 16Bore

    sell the 308 and buy a 300 WM?

    Don’t let the internet get into your head...
  8. 16Bore

    6.5 or 300WM lightweight rifle for Big Game?

    30-06 is the only true “one and done”, but it’s not new, it’s not cool, and it’s pretty boring. You’ll come around, eventually......
  9. 16Bore

    Already owned Tikka T3 .270 or Christensen Arms 6.5 PRC

    I’d feed that thing 129 LRX or 145 ELDX and watch the good times roll!
  10. 16Bore

    Hunting safety

    Yeah, for sure. Be a man, treat her like shit and act like an idiot. That’ll teach her.
  11. 16Bore

    Hunting safety

    Only a dickhead would put his son in the middle of ANYTHING. Make arrangements for co-parenting classes for you and your ex. Then learn to get along. When hunting and “time and money spent” are the priorities, you’re already on the wrong path.
  12. 16Bore

    7mm. v. 30cal.

  13. 16Bore

    What short action caliber has the most force at less than 500 yards?

    Assuming you mean energy? 325 WSM would be my guess
  14. 16Bore

    7mm. v. 30cal.

    700 yds = LFW
  15. 16Bore

    Tikka t3 bolt stop mod

    I was into all that kissing lands stuff....until I wasn’t. 😉
  16. 16Bore

    Tikka t3 lite .308 bullet options

    I’d bet factory Lapua 155 Scenars would bighole.
  17. 16Bore

    Favorite Printable Targets?

    Try a paper plate without any kind of “bullseye”’ll be surprised.
  18. 16Bore

    Harvest vs Kill Poll

    It all depends on your hat. Flat brim - harvest Curved brim - killed Cowboy - keeelt Beanie- missed Beret- photographed No hat- dude, did you see that?
  19. 16Bore

    Trigger Pull Weight

    I have this weird thing where I like heavier triggers on heavier recoiling rifles. I reckon somehow heavier grip pressure means I want heavier trigger pressure. But I also stare “through” a scope and shoot in the present tense and only observe the pressure of my trigger finger. It’s old...
  20. 16Bore

    Harvest vs Kill Poll

    Here’s a basket of apples I killed for you...