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    Light weight hoody

    Needing some input on a lightweight hoody. I currently have a c4e hoody and I like it but it's getting worn out. Im looking for a hood with a 1/4 zip. Other features I'd like are thumb holes and a chest or arm pocket would be a bonus but not needed. The fl wick looks nice but no zipper, the kuiu...
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    WTS/WTT Corrugate guide- fusion (large)

    Posted up for trade and didn't get any hits. Decided I may as well sell and buy new ones that fit, these are just a little to loose for my liking. Large fusion guides in good condition. No tears or holes, seams are tight and zippers work. Very light piling in the seat shown in picture below. 95...
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    WTT First lite corrugates

    I have a pair of large fusion guides that I'd like to trade for mediums in either fusion or dark earth. Pet and smoke free, washed in scent free soaps. They are in good condition with no holes that im aware of but will go over them much closer. Normal snags and wear from several hunts but in...
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    WTB Wtb scott archery curved trigger

    Scotts website is out of stock so I thought I would see if anyone has a curved trigger for a Scott release? Pic for reference. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Non hunting DIY?

    I've made pull-outs, a tarp, holsters etc for myself adn now my wife is asking me to sew her something. Anyone have anything they've made for a lady friend? I was thinking a tote bag but obviously it wouldn't be just an ordinary tote. Any other ideas? Bonus points for pics.
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    WTS black diamond storm NIB

    Selling a brand new black diamond storm, new version with 350 lumens. The box hasn't been opened, only selling cause I decided to go with zebra and I'm past the return window. $40 tyd via PayPal. I'm open to trades, just pitch me an idea. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    FL puffy material stains

    I have a cirrus in dry earth that I love and wear all the time but the material seems to pick up stains, especially oils really easy. I've never had anything like this before. Any one else have this issue or maybe have a suggestion of something I can apply to it to make it resist stains better...
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    National Park Price increase

    It's not hunting related per say but what are some of your thoughts on the new proposed fee's at some of the more visited national parks? While I think it's a huge price increase that is slightly shocking, that's not to say that the current prices are grossly under value which might make the...
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    SOTO Amicus

    Massdrop has the SOTO Amicus with cookset for $33 right now. I used this stove this past season and it worked great for me and thats a steal at that price if someone needs a back-up or a even a new primary stove.
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    WTB compression strap

    Looking for an extra kifaru compression strap in mc or coyote. Let me know if you've got an extra laying around. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    WTS black kifaru bikini belt

    Medium size older style bikini belt with the single row of pals. I added elastic bands a strap keepers otherwise belt is unchanged. $40 TYD pay pal. I'll entertain trades, just let me know what you've got. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    practice distance

    Curious what distance everyone is practicing at on a regular basis? Longer distances only or do you do close work also? I've been working on tightening up my groups at 70 yards and have been exclusively shooting at that distance but wondering if I should also be shooting at closer ranges...
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    Fletching help

    I'm trying to set my Bitz up to a straight fletch with a slight offset. I can seem to get my vanes to get full contact with the shaft unless the jig is set to straight. I've tried holding the vane out of the clamp by an 1/8th and the backside of the front still isn't contacting. I'm trying to...
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    Buck paklite field master knife

    The package has been opened but the knives have never been used. Comes with the hook, skinner and the drop point. Retails for 45 on amazon, asking 30 tyd. Open to trade ideas. sent from my galaxy
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    Old worn out wool

    I'm looking for some mountain mimicry, fusion, or solid green or brown wool shirts that are worn out,have holes, etc so that I can reuse the material for a couple small projects. If you have anything,let me know and I'll give you some funds for your time and shipping. Thanks sent from my galaxy
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    Diy tarp tie outs

    For those that make their own tarps/tipi/etc, are you just using grosgrain for tie outs or are you using d-rings or some sort of lineloc? I was planning on just using grosgrain but the kit comes with d-rings and it has me thinking. I get that itshould supposed to reduce wear...
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    Hooded shirt under Chama hoodie

    I have a c4e hoodie that I like to use because it's versatile enough that I can use it under a heavier pull over in the cool mornings then once it warms up, I can wear it by itself and with the half zip,I can vent it pretty well when it does get warm. My question though,is if anyone has warn...
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    WTB Kifaru Grab-it

    I'm looking for a grab-it with a lash kit. My preference would be version II in multicam but a solid color would work also. My pack is mc so no other camo patterns will work. Preferred payment method is paypal. Let me know what you have. Thanks