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  1. RedRidge

    2019 Best Whitetail Hunt Photo, Sponsored by First Lite

    Georgia Swamp Buck
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    WTB WTB LH Tikka 7mm-08

    As the title states I am looking at buying a left handed tikka in 7mm-08. Prefer a stainless unicorn but blued will be considered as well.
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    Remington 700 adl for 184$ at Walmart

    If the price is not 184 on brickseek, but is showing available does that mean they're on sale or does brick seek need to show 184?
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    Kifaru Quarter Panel

    Anyone else planning to run this for day hunting? Thinking of packing in with my reckoning and switching out this quarter panel with a lid of some sort for day hunting. Haven't seen many reviews on the quarter panel.
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    Helpful tips on How to ship game meat and antlers from Alaska

    When I went on my first trip I planned on using Alaska Air Cargo who would take it to Atlanta for pickup. I had it down from them as 1.22/lb so 500lbs would be just north of the 600 mark. Alaska Cargo website has more info, but here is a link for shipping rates for meat. I believe they call it...
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    Diving in head first

    When I was out typically the bulls were coming from the ridges down in the mornings and then would move back in the afternoon. Look for any pinch points with good concealment that lead down to any "lower" ground. Of course I have only been once, but thats what I observed. Definitely consider...
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    WTS Canon T3i Package

    Evening bump.
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    WTS Canon T3i Package

    Looking to sale my Canon T3i package. This would make a great entry level setup for folks wanting to learn how to shoot pics or video. Package will come with the nifty 50 lense, 18-55mm, 75-300mm, battery charger, battery (I have another one, but still trying to track it down), and camera bag...
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    WTS AAE Max Stealth Vanes

    Bought a pack of 100 awhile back and have 41 left. Asking 8$ plus shipping. Paypal F&F or add 3%.
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    Zebra Lights

    Website is showing a lot of the models on sale if your looking for a zebra.
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    WTB WTB LH Tikka stainless 7mm-08 or .223

    As the title states. Finally narrowed it down to one of each. Looking for a left handed stainless models. Ready to buy!
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    .223 for bear, Deer and elk

    Enjoyed this thread. Good luck OP and keep posting up your journey.
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    WTB WTB Lefty Rifle

    Good looking rifle, but I am going to pass. Thanks
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    WTB WTB Lefty Rifle

    SoDaky, thanks but none of those tickle my itch. JJ, pm in bound for pics.
  15. RedRidge

    WTB WTB Lefty Rifle

    In the market for a LH rifle. Not interested in any magnums and I already own a .270. Would prefer a short action of some sort. Just seeing whats out there. Thanks!
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    WTS REM 700 308 AAC-SD

    What kind of groups have you got with this rifle? Any other stocks on hand for it?
  17. RedRidge

    WTB LOOKING FOR..........left hand stainless tikka

    I have one in 7RM I am considering selling. I'll shoot you a PM.
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    Traditional Hunting Books

    Going Trad by David Peterson is a good one.
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    My First Alaskan Moose Trip

    It was a Slik 624 tripod with Manfrotto 700RC2 mini fluid head with vortex bino adapter.