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  1. hjcruger

    An Unusual Boot Recommendation: Danner IronSofts

    A lot of guys will badmouth these boots just because they are Danners. Others might think I'm crazy because I'm recommending a boot meant for working on concrete floors for backcountry hunting. Let me explain. When I bought these I was a college student with little money, and now I'm a graduate...
  2. hjcruger

    Frank Church Mule Deer Hunt

    Hi, folks. Earlier in the fall I posted on here asking about scouting for mule deer and hunting in the Frank-Church. I got some good advice, and I really appreciate that. In early October, I put a deer on the ground 8 miles from the trailhead in the Frank-Church, and I wanted to share a...
  3. hjcruger

    DIY Jacket?

    Hi, all. I've recently developed an addiction to making gear. I've always liked making things (I've worked jobs that had me doing carpentry, masonry, landscaping, etc.), and I began sewing at the end of this summer to try a different means of creating useful items. I've taken on a bunch of...
  4. hjcruger

    Boise Shooting Areas

    Does anyone know where I can shoot out to 400 near Boise?
  5. hjcruger

    Ineffective Mule Deer Scouting?

    Hi, folks. I moved to Boise for grad school this summer, so I'll be doing plenty of hunting over the next few falls. I recently got back from a 4 day solo scouting trip in an Idaho mountain range that shall remain nameless. I found over 100 individual elk by my count, but mule deer were few...
  6. hjcruger

    Bear Calling in the Brush?

    Hi, all. I'm all about exploring the "big woods" of Vermont, and am trying to come up with an excuse to go back to a spot I scouted this fall a few miles into the Breadloaf Wilderness. A 2-3 day bear hunt would likely fit into my schedule because it is so early in the fall. Here's my...
  7. hjcruger

    Danner Mt. Adams Reviews?

    Hi, folks. This summer I'll be a biotech for a research project which will have me running around the Pioneer Mountains of Idaho for a couple months. During the school year I work at a sporting goods shop, and as an employee I get Danner and Vasque footwear at cost. While I know one shouldn't...
  8. hjcruger

    2.5-10x40 or 3.5-14x40?

    Hi, folks. I'm in the market for a scope to throw on my "big sky" rifle. Here in Vermont, things are generally up close and personal, and the power of one's scope isn't very important, so long as the lowest level of magnification isn't too high. In the last couple of years, however, I have...
  9. hjcruger

    Whitetail Tracking

    Hi, folks. I grew up hunting in Vermont from treestands. Recently I've been tracking on snow when I have the time to hunt and the conditions to do so. I've come up on a doe at 60-70 yards without her knowing I was there, so I think I'm doing some things right. Now I just need the time to...
  10. hjcruger

    Out of state hunting area considerations

    Hi, folks. I'm working on developing a proposal for an independent geography study here at Middlebury. I would like to develop a GIS model that attempts to locate the most appropriate hunting areas for an individual depending on what weight they give each variable in the model. I haven't...
  11. hjcruger

    DIY Cylinder Stove Advice?

    Hi, all. Eventually, I plan on making my own cylinder stove based on what is said at this link: My DIY Cylinder stove - Backpacking Light. I was wondering if anyone else has undertaken a project like this? Any tips for putting holes for a damper in the stovepipe? Any clever ways to put in a...
  12. hjcruger

    Fresh Meat

    Hey, everyone. I'm from Rutland, Vermont, but have spent 6 months of the last 2 years in western Wyoming. I am going into my fourth semester at Middlebury College as a conservation biology major. I love being in the mountains whether I'm hunting, fishing, or hiking, and I'm all about...