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    Going full public this year, done with leasing game

    Rifle hunting or chasing pheasants I will knock on doors and ask for permission. I rarely bow hunt private land.
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    Out of State Hunters-Idaho

    Buddy of mine and I are non residents and we hunted with a resident that works for the BLM in Idaho last week. We drove on a motorized trail and parked. My buddy that works for the BLM ran into a couple guys and they tried telling him it was closed to motorized. He finally explained to them...
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    Non resident SD Antelope question

    Was down scouting for goats last week in SD. Seen a couple dead rattlers on the road and ran over a live one. Man I hate those things!
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    Montana Draw

    Nada for me.
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    Montana Draw

    I thought July as well. Still said pending when I last looked.
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    Montana Draw

    Anyone know when the Montana draw will be?
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    DIY wind checker?

    I picked up an 8oz bottle of micro balloons on eBay for $8.89. Filled up 4 2oz bottles. Works great.
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    Public land stands

    I would hunt in the tree you want. Most likely if he is hunting that stand the area is probably not going to be as productive as it was in the past anyways.
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    2018 MT Archery WT

    Nice buck!
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    Got my 2018 Iowa archery buck back!

    That’s a great buck! Congratulations!
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    Iowa non-resident hunting experiences

    Bought my 2nd point for Iowa this year. Can’t wait to hunt there in a few years.
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    Finally found one to chase this year

    He will cause you some restless nights!
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    Missouri Bowkill 19’

    Holy wide deer! Nice work. 185 my guess.
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    My best wnc kill

    Bet that got your blood pumping! Great buck!
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    My 3 best archery whiteys

    Very impressive! Not many people get to claim 180 inch whitetail!
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    Going full public this year, done with leasing game

    Good luck! I don’t think you will be disappointed.
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    High quality leather boots for whitetail

    Zamberlan is definitely worth looking into.
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    My 2018 Mount is Done!

    Congratulations! Nice buck!