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  1. lkwoolsey

    WTB Outdoor Research Foray II with Gortex Rain Jacket.

    Hey, if you're still looking for a Foray, I'm getting ready to list one, size large, in excellent condition (i used it around town/ travelling but not hunting or backpacking) It's the coyote color, I can get pics if interested!
  2. lkwoolsey

    WTS New OR Crocodile Gaiters - Size Small

    I don't suppose these are still available?
  3. lkwoolsey

    WTS NWOT Kuiu Venture 2300

    New without tags Kuiu Venture 2300 pack, size medium, grey color. Loaded it up in my house but won't fit my hunting gear AND my camera gear (i usually pack a 600mm and 17-24mm lens plus camera, batteries, etc.) Brand New, feels great. I'm 5'10" and 215# for reference and the medium fit great...
  4. lkwoolsey

    WTS Kifaru Shape Charge

    PM sent
  5. lkwoolsey

    WTB WTB - Kifaru AMR

    Guy on here or Kifaru Insiders on Facebook has a green one, no lid though
  6. lkwoolsey

    WTS Kifaru multicam M pocket

    Still available by chance?
  7. lkwoolsey

    WTS Kifaru Spotter Pouch

    PM sent
  8. lkwoolsey

    WTS Kifaru Stuff

    Interested in the water bottle holder, if you split it up
  9. lkwoolsey

    WTB Kifaru Lost Park Parka

    Looking for a Lost Park Parka, size L or XL. Would prefer a full zip, and solid colors if at all possible, but open to the camo stuff too. Thanks in advance!
  10. lkwoolsey

    WTS Tactical Tailor Malice Ruck, V3

    Bump, price drop
  11. lkwoolsey

    Sold Kifaru Super Tarp w/ Annex

    Lol, i didn't figure, thanks for the quick response!
  12. lkwoolsey

    Sold Kifaru Super Tarp w/ Annex

    Any chance you want to trade that for a tactical tailor Malice Ruck setup? (Malice ruck, version three, malice fight lite frame, super belt and super straps) Figured it's worth a shot lol.
  13. lkwoolsey

    WTS Lots of kifaru for sale

    I'll take the frame