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  1. ndbwhunter

    Upside App for Fuel Savings

    Anyone else using the Upside App to save some $$$ at the pump? When I first downloaded the app I was able to save approximately $0.35/gallon on my first fill. Since then, the savings have diminished some, but I'm still seeing $0.18-0.25/gallon on a regular basis. It definitely helps a little...
  2. ndbwhunter

    WTB Kifaru Duplex Lite Frame

    Posting for a buddy that has a hunt coming up in September. He picked up a slightly used Stryker XL but is still in need of a frame. Looking for a 26" duplex lite in ranger green, medium belt, long straps, and flat stays. Let me know what you've got.
  3. ndbwhunter

    Shoe Recommendations - Non-Hunting

    Looking for recommendations on shoes for every day wear. I've always run asics and brooks, but I'm looking for something a little more durable. I'm about 6'4 230lbs so I'm sure the weight cuts the lifespan of the shoe down considerably. I tend to wear them out pretty quickly as they are worn...
  4. ndbwhunter

    Load Testing

    Been doing a lot of load testing on my 300WM. Finally found two loads that shoot well, but can't decide what to do next. Loaded from 73.5 up to 77.5 grains of RL26. First charge - 73.5 grains of RL26 pushing a 180 barnes TTSX a hair over 2800fps. 0.335MOA (all touching with 2 in the same hole)...
  5. ndbwhunter

    Wyoming Help!

    My 65 year old uncle applied for the wrong region in Wyoming and drew a general tag in Region Q. He's basically going in blind and has no idea where to start. I offered to help do some e-scouting and find some areas to hunt, but I might as well just throw a dart at a map. Just wanted to reach...
  6. ndbwhunter

    Garage Attic Access

    Looking for some opinions or ideas on the attic access in my garage. The access cover is just a piece of sheetrock that needs to be pushed up and manipulated in order to get it down. The issue that I'm having now is that the wind is causing the cover to lift up and then it slams back down on the...
  7. ndbwhunter

    WTS First Lite Solitude Bibs XL - NWT

    First Lite Solitude bibs size XL. Brand new with tags. $245 TYD. PayPal preferred +3%.
  8. ndbwhunter

    WTS Iron Will v100 Standard (6 pack)

    Sold! Cleaning out the gear box and need to find a home for 6 iron will v100 broadheads. Five are brand new and have never been shot. One head has been shot into a foam target. Comes with three original boxes (can't find the other three). Asking $Sold.
  9. ndbwhunter

    Creative Ideas for Crossing Rivers/Streams

    I'm looking for some creative ideas for crossing a 30-40ft wide river. Obviously I could use waders or a canoe, but I'd rather have something to walk across. If it were just me crossing I would use waders, but I'd like the others in our hunting party to be able to cross as well. This is on...
  10. ndbwhunter

    AI Mag won't Feed

    Tikka T3x 300 win mag with Mountain Tactical AICS bottom metal and accuracy international 5 round mag. With one round in the mag the bolt will barely catch the face of the round, and in some cases it just pushes it back down into the mag. While attempting to chamber a round, the round enters the...
  11. ndbwhunter

    Seating Dies for ALL Bullets

    Is there one seating die that will work for all bullet types? I recently installed the mountain tactical bottom metal and would like to test some new bullets since I can finally seat bullets closer to the lands than what factory Tikka mags will allow. I'm currently using an older set of RCBS...
  12. ndbwhunter

    Lets Hear It: George Floyd

    Michael Baden did the autopsy....
  13. ndbwhunter

    Mountain Tactical vs. Redsnake Bottom Metal

    Anyone have experience with both of these? Looking at the long action to use AICS mags. I like the mag release on the redsnake since it doesn't sit below the trigger guard. Has anyone had issues with the mountain tactical dropping mags if accidentally bumped? Any other differences between these...
  14. ndbwhunter

    WTB 26" Duplex Lite Frame

    Looking for a 26" duplex lite frame in ranger green with a medium belt. Not looking for any of the older frames. Figured I'd check here before ordering new. Thanks
  15. ndbwhunter

    WTS Kifaru Duplex Hunter Frame

    26" frame with medium belt and composite stays in wolf gray. Only used a few times, and no blood/stains. $300 TYD.....$280
  16. ndbwhunter

    Montana Shoulder Season

    Anyone going out for the shoulder season to fill some cow tags? I wasn't able to make it out during the archery or general season due to some family medical issues, but now that things have settled down, I'm hoping to get out and at least fill the $1,000 NR tag. Are there any resources available...
  17. ndbwhunter

    WTS FREE - DIY Stove

    Recently upgraded stoves, so I'd like to give this one away. This is one that I made while following one of the DIY threads. It's a 12" cylinder stove that was used for 5 years and it always kept me warm. I believe it's got a 6-7' stove pipe but can't remember for sure. I used it in a...
  18. ndbwhunter

    Snow Fences

    Where is the ideal location to put up a snow fence to minimize drifting in the areas in red? Black arrow is north, and the black line is the west boundary of the property. Driveway faces NW, and the prevailing winds are W/NW but tend to swirl due to the lack of trees. The drift in the driveway...
  19. ndbwhunter

    SWFA SS HD vs. Non-HD

    Can anyone elaborate on the differences? Other than the glass quality, what makes the HD better, more reliable, etc.? Different internals? For reference, I'm trying to decide between the SWFA SS HD 5-20x50 and the SWFA SS 3-15x42. Used strictly for hunting at ranges under 800 yards.
  20. ndbwhunter

    Optimum Spine and Arrow Flight

    Did some messing around in archers advantage and noticed my spine shifted from "slightly stiff" to "optimum spine" just by going from a 100 grain tip to a 125. Only issue I'm having is that my arrows are flying great as is. Bareshaft, field point and broadhead are all grouping perfect at 30...