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    Expanding your sleeping bag's range : bag liner or over bag which is better ?

    If you had make a guess how much colder do you think the 50 degree quilt let's you push your 20 degree bag? I've kinda wanted a quilt for summers and also a warmer bag for late season hunting so the concept of doing both as well as taking advantage of some of the Black Friday sales has my...
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    Cold Feet- Insulated Boots

    Put new socks on once you make it to the blind. It might help out. I don't do any blind sitting but really notice I get cold feet in rubber boots when I don't have perfectly dry socks on.
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    Q & A - a Rokslide mid-layer "shootout"

    Well based upon those 3 photos obviously the Ambient is the best!
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    How do you guys keep your Knees strong and healthy?

    Talk to a physical therapist. A decent one is a friggen wizard at diagnosing problems and suggesting exercises to get things functioning again.
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    Your longest pack out by foot?

    We hiked a mountain goat out 21 miles. Fortunately mostly on trails and that there were 4 of us. I don't expect to ever top that distance unless horses are involved.
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    your good (or not so good) customer service interactions of late

    I had a Thermarest Xtherm that started getting pinholes in the baffles. After repairing a few leaks I sent it in and had a new one back to me a few weeks later. That was much appreciated with what these things cost!
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    Swfa black November

    Is anyone else having payment challenges with SWFA? I've had a helluva time getting a payment to go through with a multitude of different error types. I'll give them a call tomorrow and try to do it over the phone.
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    Go to base layers when it's cold?

    I had an R1 hoody that I wore to pieces over a decade. I replaced it last year with a Mountain Equipment Eclipse hoody that I've been quite happy with. It might be a touch thinner than the R1 I had but that is no problem for me. I love the convenience of the hood for quick and easy...
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    Washington Game Dept. at it again.

    Seriously. The amount of bighorns that have died and been culled due to m. Ovi sucks. It's much better to find as many ways as possible to reduce exposure.
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    Sold Hunting Books

    If you buy them md126 I'd send you 10 bucks if you ship me Public Land Mulies
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    WTB UL Pocket binos

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    WTB UL Pocket binos

    What did you wind up spending on the Leicas? Those things look awesome and there really isn't a good way to rationalize not bringing them with you.
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    Sold Hunting Books

    If you decide to split the one mule deer book from the elk books I'd take that it.
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    Who's driving a 300k+ mileage rig

    Ooh 30k+ miles a year is a lot of seat time!
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    Q & A - a Rokslide mid-layer "shootout"

    I own two OR Ascendants one of which is very lightly used and sitting in the back of the closet. The coat I use has been used heavily for 3 or 4 years and it is less lofty. I'll try to take a comparison photo but the differences might not show that well.
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    Why Guys Quit on the Mountain

    Poser is totally spot on about knowing how to camp and getting some miles in before hunting season. At the beginning of the hiking season I sleep pretty restlessly and by the end of the summer I'm asleep before I'm even in my sleeping bag.
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    WTS Hyperlight Mountain Gear Ultamid 4 in the green dyneema and Stove for sale

    I've just gotta inquire about what adding the stove jack cost? I've got a buddy with an Ultramid and am trying to talk him into adding one.
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    Dog ACL injury

    My dog is getting both knees done on Friday. She's a 7.5 year old lab rottie mix. After the first knee we tried babying her rather than springing for the repair immediately and she still managed to blow the second about 6 months later. After some debate between my wife and I we decided to go...
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    Sold Salewa MTN trainer lite mid GTX size

    No dice finding some locally. Here is a free bump on a good price.